How to buy life insurance for cancer patients

People who’s suffering from cancer often assume that the door to life insurance for them is closed. However, in fact, the opportunity remains open to welcome them. Here are some suggestions for purchasing life insurance for cancer patients to help you and your loved ones choose an optimal protection solution.

The door of insurance also welcomes people with cancer

1. Choose the right type of insurance
Life insurance is divided into two categories: Term and Long Term / Life. Term insurance will support the owner in a certain period of time, usually five years to 20-30 years. This type of insurance has lower contract value than long-term / lifetime insurance. The insurance company will only pay compensation if the circumstances stated in the contract terms occur during the effective term of the contract. If the condition is predicted to have a good prognosis or survival, the patient may be advised to purchase appropriate life insurance.

2. Determine the status of cancer
There are over 200 types of cancers in the world, depending on the type of cancer, which affects the health and longevity of people. Skin cancer, cervix, thyroid gland, testicles … are cancer that has a survival rate of more than 5 years reaching 90-95% and can be successfully treated when detected early. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the stage of the disease, record the progress of the disease in exchange for the insurance company. If the condition is not severe, in the late stage, or not progressive, there is a possibility of successful coverage.

You should check your health status to choose the right insurance

3. Negotiate the terms of insurance
The buyer can negotiate with the insurance company about the terms of the policy. The insurance policy of insurance is one of the most commonly used terms in this case. Buyers will only commit to receiving full benefits if they live longer than the fixed term laid down by the insurer. This is also one of the most expensive types of insurance, the right to change terms based on the results of medical examinations. At the same time, this is also the kind of insurance that gives people the opportunity to buy cancer.

4. Accept high cost
In some cases, insurance companies still offer life insurance for cancer survivors, but costs are usually higher than other types. If you accept the price offered by the insurance company, the buyer can fully own the insurance contract with full rights inside.

You may have to pay more to buy life insurance for cancer patients

5. Refer to various insurance companies
Each insurance company has the strength to exploit different markets as well as the percentage of payments for health items that have a disparity. In overseas markets, joining insurance is quite a common thing. People see these as essential items in financial security as well as retirement plans. To find the right insurance company, they can seek advice from insurance experts. By choosing the best insurance provider in your case. In Vietnam, you can easily find information about leading insurance providers and can contact the counselor for details. Based on the comparison between the insurance packages offered by the companies, interested persons can find reputable insurers as well as suit their needs.

6. Develop a self care plan
Cancer is not the only sign that companies refuse to sign health insurance. Other risk factors such as cardiovascular, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity are also factors to consider signing. In order to have health insurance coverage, you should take care of yourself and take steps to improve your health. A full schedule of annual general examinations, progression through chemotherapy, radiotherapy, specialist diagnosis of disease improvement, etc. also help you convince the provider. insurance.

For people with cancer, having more life insurance in a financial plan will ease the burden of worry. Hopefully after referring to the guidelines in the article, you can find the insurance that suits your needs.

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