Spaghetti with grilled shrimp

Desiring to devour the “giant” tiny shrimps which are “vacationing” in the jar higher than ever before, the idea that has been buried for so long has made me quite hopeful this time into the kitchen.

Actually the original idea was not so … initially I was going to wrap spaghetti around shrimp and basil and then steamed them like what was seen on Junior Masterchef first season. However, once again I encountered the failure, and obviously turned to the fire scheme of the mess just laid out. It is perfectly possible to handle the mess that immediately but that is not good at all and also the cost to the kitchen. With me, was in the kitchen to have something nice enough to capture, good enough to flower so that when others try to follow me, they will also have to nod and acknowledge that: Lam Lam not flatter. So after a while, the noodles rolled around the shrimp were removed, mixed with olive oil, basil and thyme leaves. Prawn steamed into grilled shrimp and aromatic white wine is also used purpose, dose to fit more. Most importantly, “young mother” was satisfied with this dish and I can rest assured that When post this formula, no one will just follow the muttering swear;))


100g Spaghetti.
2 big shrimp.
2 tablespoons olive oil.
1 little thyme leaf. *
1 little basil leaves.
150ml white wine.
125ml fresh cream.
1 little butter
A little flour.
*: These can be found at Lien Hoa shop (Phung Hung small market) or Metro.

Note: The amount of material mentioned above may be enough for 2 people, please customize to suit your needs.

In the kitchen:

Bake shrimp:
Sprinkle shrimp with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, salt, pepper and minced basil.
Grate and peel off.

Boiling the Noodle:
Boil water with a little salt and oil.
Add the noodles in about 4 minutes until al dente.
Mix spaghetti with 1 tablespoon olive oil, thyme and basil leaves and a little pepper while still hot.

White wine:

Melt butter, mix fresh cream with butter and simmer.
When the mixture is boiling, add the white wine and stir well, let the fire to evaporate about 10 ‘until the mixture is 1/2.
If the fever is still slightly loose, add some flour.
Add some thyme leaves on and off the stove.
Now put the spaghetti on the plate, put shrimp up and scoop the shrimp. Who can resist the fatty taste of olive oil in combination with the savory scent of basil and thyme, the sour taste of white sauce accompanied by the sweet, aromatic aromas of grilled shrimp? Just try it out and give it a try.

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