Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – The noisy of multiculturalism

From Hue, we booked a car to Da Nang to fly 2 hours to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysia’s time is different with the time of Vietnam so you should pay attention to when to pick up the car if the reservation.

We go Grap but extremely long because Kuala Lumpur airport always crowded the road so Grap wait for 15 minutes. When placing Grap you do not need to change Sim just text with Driver by Grap account in Vietnam is okay. If you buy Instant Sim 25 ringit Malay is able to use 3G, to upload photos or check in. Airport on the XH network to the family to safety.
Kila2 is the stop to pick up the homestay you choose.

Chinese Street below
We have a few friends who have owned some homestay in Kuala Lumpur so choose The Leaf condo, it’s 45 minutes to Airport Grap.

But here it is, the infinity pool and the Chinese dishes sold underneath.
In our experience, you should place the homestay of the Chinese in Malay because they are similar in culture (the main religion) as well as food.

garden in The Leaf Condo
Here, private rooms and facilities such as gym, cafes, eateries outside are quite comfortable, but you are best safe because this is a country of diverse nationalities and cultures.
On the first day we choose Hoa to go shopping and eat at the market, the weather is quite hot so if going in the evening is better.

Moving with Grap is essentially cheaper and safer.

The next day, the Petro Twin Towers are quite expensive just to see the city view so you should see hehe because the house is quite disappointing, in summary only go to floor 86 and watch every stop 15-20 minutes 85 ringit per person, We went down to find a cafe, have a coffee at the opposite building, go to the market and visit the Indian town, buy a nice fabric to decorate the house (Note if you buy more luggage kg).

We would probably visit the temple of Batu, but because we took the bus for 4 hours on Penang Island, we missed this point. Since last time we also have Indian temples.
Kuala Lumpur is a stopover to visit the culture so advisers only temporarily for 2-3 days is enough and go to Island VD such as Lankawi or Penang some friends.

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