Look at the pizza’s shape to find its schools

Napoli-style pizza is definitely the mainstay of all the pizzas we know today. Pizza Napoli was originally meant to refer to the pizza Margherita I had introduced before, which has now become the concept of an Italian pizza school: Medium size for 1 person, thin sole, fringed with firewood. It’s the simplest type, using the least amount of material in all but to make the perfect one is not easy. Less raw materials with high temperatures of up to 500 ° C also mean that only a small defect can become very noticeable when the cake is made.

Napoli powder is a basic powder, with no added whey, salt, water and yeast. No sugar, olive oil or fragrant leaves. Ideal flour is flour flour with high protein content and good water resistance. The essence of a delicious Napoli-style pizza is its slow fermentation, which changes the texture of the starch and gives it a stronger flavor. At the same time, gluten is also developed which makes it easier to stretch the dough as well as create smaller bubbles that make the baking powder better. Topping ingredients are: Marzano tomatoes, Mozzarella di Bufala cheese, all from Campania. Traditionally, this type of pizza must be baked in a wood oven, which takes about 90 seconds to ripen. By fire directly from the firewood, the cake after baking has blisters and blisters are difficult to avoid. The cake is very thin, the border is blown naturally. The texture is crisp in the outer shell while the inside is still moist and spongy, has a strong texture and has a good toughness. Napoli style is quite soft and wet in the center so it is very difficult to handle without the help of knife and fork.


To Sicily and order pizza, you will get exactly what they still serve in Napoli, the concept of “Sicilian Pizza” does not exist in Italy but rather how to call another flat bread originating from Sicilian immigrants. in New York: Sfincione. In a nutshell, Sfincione is not pizza, but because of the similarity in ingredients and the way it is made, it can be considered. Sicilian pizza is in square or rectangular shape, thick in base with tomato sauce, basil and dried oregano and cheese on top. There are some minor differences between Sicilian pizza in New York and in Sfincione in Sicily. Sicilian tomato sauce is a fresh sauce, not cooked before baking while in the United States, usually cooked before. This difference is because fresh tomatoes are very good in Sicily and do not cost much, fresh mashed potatoes from them are good and in the US, tomatoes are only in the summer so they are forced to use quality tomato box It is better to prepare the sauce, and then add more spices during cooking to enhance the flavor. Americans use Mozzarella made with cow’s milk while Sicilian people use Pecorino made from sheep’s milk because in Sicily, livestock are mainly sheep, not cattle.

This is the simplest, least demanding pizza and is the kind of food I like to treat my friends when I have not had time to prepare. Just an oil tray and a powder mixer are all ready without messing your kitchen. Cakes are baked in a tray lined with olive oil, so the bottom is basically fried rather than grilled, very crunchy and fragrant. Thanks to the olive oil and crispy texture, the taste of the cake is still very good even though it is not slow fermented. Powder is high humidity so it is difficult to do by hand, of course it is still possible to ask technical skill should I recommend using the mixer. But the good side of the dough is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to make it, it can stretch itself during fermentation. The ideal flour to make Sfincione is flour flour, however, flour is also acceptable.

New York:

The New York School is a line of the Napoleonic School, which was created to accommodate coal furnaces that are lower in temperature than traditional vaults. Faced with the scarcity of raw materials originating in Italy, Italian immigrants in New York were forced to use the available ingredients and then began manufacturing industries such as mozzarella, Longer than fresh mozzarella and pepperoni – a spicy sausage made in America, simulated salami of Italy. At this time, the Italian-American cuisine was born with classic dishes: parmesan chicken, spaghetti with meatballs, pasta al freddo and typical New York pizza – pepperoni pizza.

The pancakes are slightly thicker than the Napoli canvas, and the look looks rounder, stiffer and smoother. Size of bread is very large, about 40cm diameter, when eaten double folding is easy to eat. The cake is light, golden brown and very crispy, the base is good elasticity, although the brittle, but not break the pizza when folded, this happens thanks to the powder in the center, just under the fever. This section is soft, wet like raw meat, but has no ripening taste. New York pizza is always a little sugar to help make the cake even better at a lower temperature than pizza Napoli.

Modern American Pizza Schools:
In addition, many other schools were formed during the twentieth century:

Pizza Bar or Tavern Pizza: A small, thin, crispy cookie cutter, baked in a pan with oil to make crispy bread crusts. Cheese covered face and spilled out.
California Pizza: Pizzas are similar to Napoli but topping is non-traditional. Typical California topping types include BBQ chicken, green vegetables with eggs and bacon, fish eggs, scallops, smoked salmon with sour cream … all flavors can not be found in the rooms. classic way.
Chicago Pizza: A thick, high-pitched cake with lots of sauce and cheese, first known to me, I thought it was a joke, it looked like a quiche rather than pizza. This type of pizza has also appeared in Vietnam, it is no stranger to you.
Detroit style pizza: Sicilian-style square-shaped, square-shaped cake. Topping is usually pepperoni and olives and tomato sauce marinara sauce (tomato sauce with onion and herbs).
Greek pizza: Very popular in New England, the name comes from the pizza of Greek immigrants. Cake thicker, longer with toppings typical of Greece such as Feta cheese, olive oil, olives and oregano. There may be or no tomato sauce.
Hawaii Pizza: Pineapple and pineapple is a kind of topping quite familiar to us. Hawaii Pizza is popular in the West Coast of the United States and Canada as well as Asian countries. And is a product of Canadians, even Hawaiian Pizza. The name is simply because pineapple is a characteristic feature of this beautiful island.
New Haven Pizza: Also known as apizza, popular in Connecticut. Bread thin, slightly roasted, no tomato sauce, but only use garlic and hard cheese to topping.
Pizza Quad City: Thin bread slices are seasoned with a malt ingredient that makes the taste very fragrant. Tomato sauce is usually added with chili and topping under the cheese. Cakes are cut into long strips instead of fan shaped pieces when serving.
Pizza St Louis: thin cake, crispy tan. This style of pizza uses Provel cheese (a type of cheddar, Swiss and provolone cheese) instead of mozzarella, and the topping is often sliced instead of diced. Although it is round, people often cut Pizza St. Louis into small pieces when serving.
Tomato dog: The somewhat similar thing that people call Sicilian pizza, very popular in Philadelphia. Tough square cake with thick tomato sauce and hard-chrome roman cheese is topping.

If you ask me which style I like the most, of course I do not hesitate to answer is Napoli. But this is not always the case, like “What do you like to drink?” Sometimes it is red wine in a quiet night, sometimes a beer for a hot afternoon, at other times afraid of alcohol, just want tea or juice. I choose the pizza recipe, it depends on who I’m picking up and how much time to prepare. Pizza style Napoli often for themselves, when inspired to paint, want to grill fire. New York pizza is a popular and convenient option, sometimes I use New York canvas with Italian topping, also quite interesting. And Sicily? In a hurry, spicy pizza parties for kids and friends are no longer young.

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