Written for Milan in an afternoon rain

I’ve always liked writing and like rain. I do not know how to start writing habits when it rains. And the rain would have loved me for pursuing me on short or long journeys. Perhaps, glimpse through the blog, the golden sunshine is the majority, but somewhere is still full of rain I shot back without posting. Today, one day the rainy season softly, I told about the rainy day Milan in faraway Italy.

Feeling that I too accidentally with Milan, stay in Italy just as well, in Milan for 2 days and then hurry, simply because of the rain, down to the sunny Tuscany warmer and can “work” easier. I do not care.

Night from Zurich to Milan, it was 10 o’clock at night, the city sank into a sleep like any other European city, it rained the bars open late at night, take the city and my first impression of Milan: so sad.

It was raining heavily and I did not carry an umbrella, drops of water drenched in cold and wet hair. I have never been lonely.

I entered Carlo and Reina’s cozy but small apartment. The couple is very low. His wife is more Asian than South American, and her husband is bearded with black hair like the type of disco. They both greeted me and led me upstairs to the bathroom downstairs next to the kitchen. The kitchen is small but clean and full of everything. On the large table in the kitchen, there is cereal and fruit available for breakfast tomorrow.

Dropping all furniture in the room, I quickly showered a little to get tired of the tiredness. Warm water made me forget the cold of the rain. Although I knew it was late, I could not help but have a little bath, dressing up at home with shorts and a big T-shirt.

As a guide, I can use any food in the refrigerator. I only crave a cup of hot tea in the evening. Squeezing open some kitchen cabinets, I also saw a box of lipton filter bags. Making a glass for warmth, I pulled up the Bird Chickens Chronicles to read under the lights of the kitchen.

Both Carlo and Reina went to their room. I relax, enjoy my own space in someone else’s house. That’s what I like when using Airbnb. A true home and feel like living in a foreign city, not traveling as a foreigner. Of course, there are always adorable places and two adorable hosts like this Peruvian couple.

Drink a glass of tea, read a chapter about Manchuria and the zoo world war, I went up to the room and sleep a good night sleep in a single bed spread mattress.

The next day, Milan was still raining. I took the tram from Niguarda – my neighborhood – to the city center. I borrowed an umbrella outside of Carlo’s house, both of whom were working early. Tram 4 slows down in the rain. The floor was soaked and muddy, it was like a rainy day in Saigon. If I did not see European architecture houses out there, I would have imagined bus 19 from Ben Thanh to Thu Duc to study.

When I reached Maciachini Station, I went down to the tram to get into the train. Always buy a city pass card for 24 hours, I find the price here is relatively cheap, perhaps the tram and tram system is not very developed. I boarded the yellow tram # 3 towards San Donato, passing over 7 new stations to the Duomo. Since I had a cruise experience in Japan, I found it very slow, with little to no respect. All public transport is slower than here. The rhythm of life is not much, or perhaps because it rains so much that no one rush to stumble.

To the Duomo, the crowd started to freeze. The lines make me feel lonely. At that time, I wished someone would lightly grasp my hand, or I could laugh and say how to wrap my arms around my shoulders. But no one. It does not matter. I want to open the phone and text message to somebody, but I’m afraid people see me posting beautiful pictures, eating delicious food on Facebook and Instagram, now go to text messaging, probably will Say you make color, or serious problem. So I thought to myself that I was in Italy – my dream since my childhood.

Duomo di Milano

I boarded from the Duomo to see the Duomo di Milano. It is the largest church in Milan and the third largest in the world. Gothic architecture and a creamy white make me wonder.

Rain makes the stream less. Thanks to that, I was able to zoom in on the stone slabs and detailed sculptures engraved on this giant structure. For all, this is the absolute symbol of Milan. To me, this is a wonder. I imagine when Milan sunny, Milan Duomo will certainly be more majestic and more brilliant.

I feel so happy in my heart, because standing here, under the rain Milan is soaked soul. I know how fortunate I am to live the full days of youth. Hope, just hope, I can be like this forever. And Milan is not bad, just cool and beautiful. I will remember this rain, to know whether there is rain, I still live and live.

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