How to effectively learn for prepairing the exam

The contest is near and the students are trying their best to prepare for the most important exams in their life. Surely a lot of you are all the way to increase your learning effectiveness, to get the best results. Here, Generali would like to introduce effective and scientific review methods for your reference

In the minds of so many people, the best way to test is to spend hours, even days and nights, burying their heads in books to remember as much knowledge as possible. However, that method is not as effective as we think.

One study shows that studying all through the night is not a scientifically valid method of study. In fact, the method of reviewing science is easier and more comfortable than we think.

Do exercise
The chemical elements in the blood can change the way the brain works. When we exercise, our brains will receive relaxed and relaxed signals that enhance our ability to work, extend our focus, and receive and process new information with ease. The flow, while improving the ability to solve problems.

Exercise stimulates the brain to release a mixture of stimulating hormones including Norepinephrine, Dopamine, Serotonin. This combination significantly enhances brain function, essential for the concentration and processing of information. Therefore, you should spend time between school sessions to exercise lightly, go to the gym, go swimming or play sports with friends. These simple physical activities will greatly increase your learning efficiency.

Effective Measures and Science

Exercise helps to review more effectively

On the other hand, physical activities between rehearsals will also keep you from overloading for long periods of time. Science has proven that learning continuously for a long time prevents new knowledge from being written to long-term memory of the brain.

Transforms short-term memory into long-term memory
Short-term memory is a convergence of all kinds of information and will be forgotten after a very short time. For effective revision, you need to transfer your knowledge from short-term to long-term memory. And learning to stuff, learning to press can not do that.

To turn short-term memory into long-term memory, you must constantly remind, read and re-read the information, knowledge to remember. So, if you want to memorize something, take time to rest, exercise and make the most of that time to keep on repeating what you have learned. In addition, you can also find knowledgeable friends about what you need to learn to discuss and discuss with one another.

Taking tests and assignments
For some social subjects, reading and re-reading is a method of revising and memorizing science. However, with natural subjects, this method proved ineffective. A study by the University of Washington (USA) in 2012, the sample or exercise test results more effective reviewing than sitting “rice paper” continuously.

Effective Measures and Science

Test papers help you to check your knowledge

Therefore, during rehearsals, take a moment to solve the sample questions to test your knowledge. Better yet, find a friend who works together to solve the problem, to test each other’s results and knowledge. This review is also effective for social subjects as you can test each other’s knowledge by asking questions.

If you just review the lesson alone, you will not be able to know the effect of revising, the gaps of your knowledge can be. This can be overcome by taking the test and with you reviewing.

Get enough sleep
During the exam, the students often try to spend as much time as possible to learn, forget to eat, forget to sleep. However, this is a counter-scientific way. Try to get enough sleep as sleep plays a key role in developing the brain.

The first 2 hours after waking up is the time your brain works best and most efficiently. This is the “golden time” for learning and memorizing knowledge. A science exam does not only include short breaks, physical activity, test papers, but also sleep. If possible, take a nap for about 30 minutes at noon or late in the afternoon. This stimulates brain waves, enhances the connection between brain cells, promotes the ability to communicate between nerve tissues.

Effective Measures and Science

Surely you will be surprised to know enough sleep is also a method of examining efficiency and science

By comparing their brains to a tree, sleep is a nutrient that helps the plant to thrive and thrive.

Things to note when you take the exam:

Not stay up late or stay awake to learn because it reduces the ability to memorize and process information of the brain. It takes up to 4 days for the brain cells to recover after a night of awakening.

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