How to spend reasonable when having children

For couples planning to have children or raising children, planning a monthly budget is always a difficult task. We will show you tips on how to calculate your budget appropriately.

Prepare a budget for the family to give birth

Preparation of prenatal financing
You can start with a savings book when you intend to have children. This preparation provides a financial foundation for you and your family from birth to birth. At the same time, plan your spending wisely for each stage to be proactive in terms of money and avoid wasting unnecessary money.

Cost for mother

Routine check-ups help monitor the mother’s and fetus’s health

The most visible items when pregnant women are food, personal effects, insurance (not mandatory but recommended for safe mother and child). There are also necessary items such as milk suction, anti-rejection cream after birth … To avoid wasting you should thoroughly know information from the doctor or the experience of acquaintances.

Expenses for newborns
The psychology of many couples when they are going to have children often like to buy baby items: clothes, cradles, bath baskets, toys … The preparation is sufficient to provide you with childcare facilities, but You should only buy practical items. Clothes for children should only be purchased when you know your child’s gender.

Hospital fees and insurance
Pregnant women regularly visit the hospital regularly. This fee is high or low depending on the service you choose, including: medical fees, ultrasound, tests, immunizations, etc. Also costs for delivery such as hospital fees, services, drugs yeast,…. You should buy maternity insurance packages to get support to costs.

Saving after childbirth
Pre-natal savings will partly support postpartum spending. Saving after childbirth helps you to balance your budget appropriately. The principle of spending when families with children is focused on the most urgent needs such as:


Breastfeeding is just as good for kids as saving

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for babies and helps save the family. Breastfeeding mothers will soon recover, not spending too much on weight loss services after birth.

Children in the 0 – 1 age range are very fast so you do not have to invest too much on your baby ‘s clothing. For example, a disposable diaper, then you can choose a brand that is reasonable price. Clothes should be purchased every four months and you should be mindful of the material and size instead of the label.

Take advantage of old toys

You should take advantage of old toys from acquaintances

Items or equipment such as bins, cradles, cabinets, trolleys or toys usually account for a small portion of the cost. If you give birth to a second child, you should take advantage of old baby’s big things. Do not be embarrassed to ask others because they can understand the baby, then save. Some stores for moms and babies now also sell second-hand products at very cheap prices.

Cost of health, insurance
Regular health checks, vaccination and health insurance for infants are compulsory. You should not be constrained in the concept of private hospitals better than public hospitals. When you go for medical examinations, take advantage of health insurance to cover your costs.

Today, because of work, many parents send their children to kindergarten very early. Many choose private schools, international schools with high tuition fees. This invisible create great pressure in. Your child will not be better off just because of international school. Education can only be done when the child strives with the guidance of the family and the school.

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