CAPELLINI WITH AROMATIC HERBS – “suddenly picked up from somewhere”

Often, the things we despise most often give us great surprises. I never appreciated the “instant noodles” formulas on the packaging of foods but today was another story.

Holding the capellini in my hand as I reflected on what I’d eaten at lunchtime, the words “Capellini alle erbe aromatiche” (In Italian meaning Capellini with aromatic herbs) on the casket hit the line of thought. It reminds me of the spaghetti al sugo basilico that I once enjoyed in Rome, about the simplicity of being perfect in a dish.

Sometimes when we are constantly chasing after the perfect and trying to paint, trying to complicate the problem while forgetting that, it does not have to be fussy, what style – the simplicity itself with just a little The delicate process is just that we have the perfect.

The formula that I “picked up” on the box probably came to that threshold, not raw materials, not technical trouble but the taste it brings also never make it bad manners tiger

The basis of this pasta is still the aglio olio sauce – a mild sauce, so also, it is more suitable for capellini than ever. What is special about capellini alle erbe aromatiche is that it combines the flavors of the five typical Mediterranean herbs, along with the freshness of the tomatoes and the fatty aroma of the garlic oil. Very mild fever, very mouthful. Enjoy a piece with the smell of fresh squid, cool sweet of fresh tomatoes, fatty leek of wheat pasta sauce, then suddenly see the sweet basil, see the rosemary, see the rosemary The thyme, see the little spicy warm sage and a little bit of wild parsley. Harmony and freshness, not to mention beautiful, that is what can be said about capellini alle erbe aromatiche.


150g Capellini *
250g of tomatoes.
A pumpkin
4 basil. **
3 branches of parsley. **
4 thyme branches. **
3 sage leaves. **
2 branches of marjoram. **
1/2 rosemary flower.
3 shallots.
2 garlic branches.
2 tablespoons olive oil.

Note: The amount of material mentioned above may be enough for 2 people, please customize to suit my needs.

In the kitchen:

Cut tomatoes in half.
Cut the squash into thin slices about 3mm and continue cutting to create semi-circular pieces.
Chopped shallot, chopped parsley and basil.
Chop the rosemary leaf, remove the stem. Splits thyme leaves out of branches, chopped sage leaves.
Boiled noodles:
Boil water with salt oil.
When the boiling water is ready to boil noodles for about 3 minutes until the al dente (that is, just ripe, to use the teeth to root not crushed in the mouth).
Pour the coolant down, add some oil to avoid sticking if needed.
Making a fever:
Heat the oil, turn the heat and add garlic and tomatoes, rosemary to the island, add salt. Just leave it 3 ‘.
Add shallot, basil island with about 10 “fever.
For fire, add noodles and squid to the island with fever.
Turn off the heat, add thyme, sage and parsley, stir well, sprinkle with pepper and sprinkle with marjoram leaves.

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