The signs of a faithful man

Faith is what all of us value and value in the enemy. If your guy is in possession of this, please do not lose him!

All girls have their own standards for the perfect man – whom they can live with for the rest of their lives. Some girls will like tall men, some people like funny guys. But the most important thing to maintain a long-term relationship is loyalty. So, look here in your “other half”:

Is “he” faithful to you?

You always remember to call and text you
He is really busy all day at work, you do not even expect him to spend time talking to you, but he always remember to call and text you at random times. Suddenly not?

In the midst of intense work, when he is buried in work, he remembers you and tells you that he is thinking about you. It can be a simple message or just a 2 minute call but the guy will not end a day without talking to you, at least once.

You have full access to your own home
No one likes to be disturbed by other people’s private space. So if your lover is confident enough to give you a copy of his apartment key without you having to ask, this is a sure sign of trust and loyalty to you. friend.

You are the only one in his eyes
Maybe your guy will pay attention to the people around him, he even joked with you about some hot colleagues to arouse a bit of jealousy in you. But after all, when he is sitting opposite and looking at you with his eyes straight, just listen attentively to what you are saying, you will feel sure about the fact never look at other girls the way he I look at you.

In his eyes only friends

He is proud to show his friends about you
Loving and being acquainted with you is a blessing and happiness to him. So he was ready to tell you about the important people around him.

Of course, he would not be frightened by random encounters with his college-age friends during their dating. Certainly he was not ashamed to acknowledge his feelings publicly, at least to those who mattered to him.

His friends know everything about you, from how you two meet to how you learn and fall into each other’s “love net” like.

He can do anything for you
The enemy can do anything for you.

A modern man does not discriminate on the role of wife – husband. He will not bother to cook a great dinner for your date or help you wash dishes. And when you are having the most sluggish days and feel like you do not want to do anything, he will help you complete all your work.

Take care of everything about you
He does not just want to know a hobby or things that can be seen in your appearance. He really cares about all the things you like and does not like and wants to know all the deepest, deepest thoughts in your heart.

A man cares about you

He has nothing to hide
There is no code on the phone, do not excuse the reason if you want to borrow his phone. And if you need to see some photos from your Facebook account, he does not hesitate for a second before giving you his password. You may not have bad intentions, but it is great to know that even if you do, he will have nothing to hide. That is one of .

Ready to be your spiritual support
When you are stressed, injured or stressed, he will appear to encourage you. Maybe he does not do big things but just smiles brightly, lends you a lean back or a sincere hug. All these actions are great motivations, dispel all your troubles.

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