Caseificio Borderi – Come and enjoy the fine sandwiches of Sicily

The stalls of the Ortigia market are always a source of pleasant and tasty surprises. Here you can find fresh fish, vegetables, fruit and the best the territory can offer. All seasoned with a wonderful atmosphere and surrounded by a beautiful place confirming a tourist vocation.
Over the years, the Borderi dairy has been noted among the shops that have grown on the market.

The Caseificio Borderi has a ten-year history: it owes its birth to Don Pasquale Borderi who was responsible for the production and sale of Sicilian extra virgin olive oils, which in 1930 decided to expand and diversify its offer, including in its list typical Sicilian cheeses.

In 1998, having become a master cheese maker, Andrea Borderi gave life, together with his sons, to the family business: the Borderi Dairy, a refined craft dairy located in Floridia, in the province of Syracuse. Since then the Borderi family operating in the markets of Ortigia, Syracuse, and Floridia, has won the esteem and trust of a large private and corporate public.

Caseificio Borderi has decided to combine its productions with refined selections, including the best cured meats: wild boar salami, garlic salami, spicy Sicilian sausage, feline-type sausage, black Nebrodi pork cheek, black pistachio pork sausage , black pork sausage with fennel, spicy black pork sausage, Nebrodi black salami, santangelese cup (sweet or spicy).
But also streaky bacon, raw from the Nebrodi black pig, raw from Parma seasoned for 24 months, mortadella with pistachio, mortadella with truffle, Spanish salami, finocchiona, pancetta coppata, cooked ham, bresaola.

Caseificio Borderi appears from a room and overlooks a small square near the sea. On a curtain the inscription The artists of the sandwich. He had to add tables to accommodate customers who come from everywhere to taste the famous and artistic sandwiches.

Seeing tinkering Mr. Borderi and Gaetano, that of Andrea Borderi married his daughter Nazarenza, with vegetables, salamis and jams, stuffing the bagos to the improbable is the suspicion that it is an unattainable jumble of flavors that do not match us one with the other and that the success of this place is to be attributed only to the size of the sandwiches and not to their intrinsic qualities.
But while we await our turn we begin to see the names of great producers of burrata and buffalo mozzarella, recognize the salamis of the great craftsmen of the Nebrodi and the shelves we can appreciate that the ingredients used are all of great value.

Our turn came, surrendered in front of so much and qualified offer we rely on, more than anything else we abandon ourselves, to the expert hands of the Borderi family. The result will be two huge sandwiches of rare gustatory balance, in which the freshness of the vegetables is wisely measured with the sweetness of the jams that enhance the flavors and aromas of cheese and salami. A applause sandwich that could well deserve the artistic title.
Next to this cornucopia of flavors, a careful selection of wines to pair with sandwiches.
The Borderi Dairy is open only for lunch, but well over 14.00 so as to satisfy even those who have lingered at the sea. The lunch is the right completion with an espresso cannolo.
A clear example of how a sandwich does not necessarily have to be fast food, or worse junk food.

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