Alsace region – Fairy in the beautiful little village

The fair is real in the middle of the Alsace region of France – this is an area close to the border with Germany with houses with French-German architectural style create spaces like ancient stories. Strasbourg – the capital of Alsace – with Colmar – the village of fairy – was introduced in the previous article, but today I will introduce a detailed 2-day journey from Paris to have a great experience. What’s Great here.

The schedule goes from Paris
Night before the first date: Paris – Strasbourg: use the Eurolines night bus from 11h40 to Strasbourg at 6am

Day 1: Strasbourg: 6 am in Strasbourg, start exploring the city

Day 2: Strasbourg – Colmar – Strasbourg – Paris: Take the train to Colmar, visit the old village and return for the day, the night bus ride to Paris the next morning.

This schedule will help you optimize your time as well as save your travel expenses as the TGV train from Paris to Strasbourg will be quite expensive so if you use the night bus you can save a night and save money.

Day 1 – Strasbourg, Alsace

Petite France train station
Strasbourg peaceful and romantic as my imagination to think of the region of Alsace 491 kilometers far from Paris. Something poetic in the beautiful scenery like a 1960s French film can be seen. The city flows rhythmically through the bicycles and the small trains wandering through each paved road.

Once in Strasbourg, stop by Petite France – the old town of Strasbourg – which houses lovely houses like the word of mouth about the village of scented bread. Here, you can rent a boat to stroll the lovely canal. Strasbourg Cathedral is also worth a visit, the largest church in Alsace. However, this is not the point I’m too excited about seeing too much.

Do not forget to visit the local bakery and enjoy the delicious French bread. Their prices will be much cheaper, a pain au chocolate cost only 0.75 euros while in Paris there are up to 2 euros.

In addition, the first day you can book a tour to visit the wine cellar and vineyard to try the Alsace wine, which is famous not less than the red wine in Bordeaux. Note, I recommend half-day tours as well, so you can discover Alsace basics at a cost of € 75 instead of a full-day tour that costs € 130. The half-day tour departure time is 9 am to 1 pm or 2 pm to 6 pm. So you can take more time to explore Strasbourg.

Day 2: Colmar, small village

Colmar is not too big so you only need one day to get there if time is limited. Colmar’s architecture is similar to the Petite France in Strasbourg, but more and more typical of Alsace architecture. This is called the Village of Beauty and Monsters because of its beauty that inspired the creation of Belle’s village in the movie.

To explore Colmar, nothing is better than walking on foot through tiny houses, Petite Venise or the Colmar church.

In order to travel from Strasbourg to Colmar, you have to choose a means of transport as it costs just over 15 minutes and costs 9 euros / way, which is not too expensive and will save you considerable time.

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