Bungee: The ultimate jump in New Zealand

Bungee is a very popular adventure sports in Western countries, especially in the United Kingdom, the United States and New Zealand. The familiar image can be seen through this game is that the player will be tied a safety belt in the leg, then rushed down at a height of tens of meters. I do not know how interesting it is that everyone who has played through the passion and always longing to play next time. Even celebrities including men or women can not resist the bungee.

In the summer, the climate of some areas such like Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown is not too hot or too cold, the temperature ranges from 12 degrees to 25 degrees C. In winter, the temperature in Auckland, Wellington fluctuates. from 6 degrees to 15 degrees C; Queenstown, Rotorua, Christchurch colder with temperatures from 1 degree to 12 degrees Celsius.

In New Zealand, the seasons are suitable for exploring. In addition, if you go in winter, you can experience the feeling of skiing, feeling the cold here, and admire the natural scene in the “hibernation” … and enjoy the price of services. The best season because this season is the lowest tourist season of the year.

New Zealand often has steam train tours with journeys such as Auckland to Whangarei, Auckland to Helensville. When traveling in this way, visitors will have the time to explore the town, visit many local cafes and be told of the history of the region as well.

Bungee attracts young people by the strong feeling that the player forgets all anxiety, sadness and just facing the height ahead. Most people come to this recreation mainly to discover new feelings and enjoy the moment of relaxation unprecedented. Those who have bungee jumping all recognize that all the stress and bad meaning will be left behind to enjoy the feeling of bloating, stimulating the senses.

When performing a jump, you can scream as an effective stress relief but there will not be any feeling of grip, falling or something like that. Instead, it is a happy feeling filled with excitement and a refreshing smile when hanging on the deep, the vast water or the volcano is swallowing you. So many people think that this sport is full of fear and madness, it is like torture itself. But many argue that it makes players become heroic and more powerful in the eyes of others.

Moreover, your skills will be raised to a new level when dancing with your bike, motorbike or car. Also from these brave heroes, the bungee is varied to increase the attractiveness. The jump was made from a helicopter with bubbles in the air, from the roofs of tall buildings, towers, cliffs and even from the roof of a train running on the slopes. While entertaining with bungee, you feel like a completely different person. So many people do not have the money to spend a large sum of money to get a bungee jump (in South Africa players have to spend about $ 110 per jump).

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