“Halaszle” – The journey to find warmth

The rain brings the emotions without its shape, perhaps, can call it a nostalgia, regret a bit more regret. Last night sitting looking at the rain, listening to the rain in the window, in the head show up a thousand words “if” and then back to reality, each “if” like a bubble shattered, left on The face of the dumbfounded expression of a man who just tries to think of things that he has never grasped. That feeling, not pleasant at all.

But for some reason, it is still an integral part of our lives, and it is uncomfortable, but otherwise, we will not be able to see our choices. Where and how we should cherish that choice.
Whenever there is a psychological problem, I usually find a corner of the West Lake, not sure why, just look at the lake slightly ripples, look at the new city is rising after the mist early morning mist , breathed the fragrant lotus leaf is strange, feel the gentle stroke of the lake wind is the heart as much peace of mind. West Lake for himself is like a friend who is self-identified who will always find when in heavy luggage.

Back to the Hungarian memories, referring to the West Lake, reminds of Lake Balaton in that land – a lake so large that the people of this country consider it their sea (because Hungary has no coast). And to mention Balaton, must refer to Halászlé – Hungarian typical fish soup. Hungary is a country of rivers and lakes, so the use of freshwater fish in food processing is deeply ingrained in the Hungarian tradition and excels in water-based dishes as soups. Halászlé fish. Traditionally, Halászlé was cooked by the river, in large cauldrons and cooked with wood by fishermen and fish cooked whole, whole, and tailed with round bread called Zsemle.

Fat and sweet fish, Paprika Paprika is very strange mouth. The fish was immersed in the characteristic red and warm taste of the paprika, wrapped in a thick soup of potato paste, which gave me a feeling of fullness that could dispel the mood. The mundane life that brings with it what we do not expect. Possibly, Halászlé is an enjoyable experience that you will want to try on a rainy day full of mood.

1 kg of fish.
500g potatoes.
Carp fish
2 Paprika Tbsp. *
1 large onion.
1 bell peppers
1 Tbsp cooking oil.
2L of water.
*: Paprika you can buy at L’s Place, Dan shop …
Note: The above material is enough for 4 people, please customize to suit your needs.


Onions and pomegranate.
Clean fish, remove viscera.
Cut shredded potatoes, cut into 2 pieces.

Fish Stewed Fish:

Stir fry the fish with 1/2 potato and 2 liters of water in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes or 2 hours on a small fire, use boiling water if not soup will be fishy.
Use a grinder or sieve to grind the fish juice.
Retain fish baskets in the pot.

Cooking Halászlé:

Cook 1/2 potato remaining, crushed.
Heat vegetable oil, fry onions until smooth and tender, then add the bell peppers, mashed potatoes, island with Paprika.
Take the fish sauce is done in the upper step, mixed with fried sweet potato and fish stew, fire small until the desired consistency.
Add carp, cook about 5 ‘.
Remove the fish from the plate, try not to break the pieces and add the soup, add some celery or parsley on top is ok.

Good luck!

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