Things to remember about a life insurance contract

When buying life insurance, customers easily fall into an abandoned state, feeling no one is responsible for their insurance policy. Find out who will be responsible when you have questions or risks occur through a familiar shopping situation in life.

Select insurance agent
Your family is preparing to buy a car to meet their needs. You go to the car dealership and are greeted by a friendly vendor. Through the advice of the seller, you feel the 4-seater car is affordable and suitable for the needs of the family. However, a seller near you immediately suggests you buy his 7-seat car with the ability to move on all terrain and attractive gifts are a set of car speakers in modern. The price of a seven-seater is three times more expensive than the one you originally planned to buy and features you do not need at the moment.

Will you buy a 7 seat car for attractive gifts? Or buy a 4-seat car that fits in with the family?

Life insurance is the same. Nowadays, many customers forget that they are buying a financial product that protects themselves and the price of the family, not the gift to get acquainted while buying products. The benefits are very useful, but you choose the agent can advise the product that best suits your family in the current situation.

Understand the product
You start to sit in the car and test drive before deciding to buy. The salesperson sits next to you and helps you make the first move in the new car. Suddenly he asked you: “Do you have a driver’s license?”

Have you understood all your insurance products before signing the contract?

Insurance policy is a long-term investment plan of 10-20 years; So be sure to know the benefits of this product before buying to avoid falling into buying because of pity, because of begging: just buy a product if it is beneficial to you and your family.

Life insurance like any form of finance, requires the ability to analyze from the investor. Insurance consultants are only able to explain the basic differences between the financial options. You are the one who knows best what you need and the financial situation of yourself.

Care and after-sales
You have been driving for a few years and the car started to malfunction. You think the car has a problem with the engine then have to bring warranty and repair only. You remember the salesman before and blamed for the past year, he never call or ask your birthday happy birthday to take a sentence! What a handsome salesman.

You call the salesperson for advice on how to fix it and know he is off work and working for another company. Feeling frustrated, you call the car hotline. The voice of the moderator said:

– Hi, what do you need help with?

– I need a car warranty!

– What is the model you are running?

– The result is: you can not answer.

Is this how you fix your car?

Many customers mistakenly believe insurance consultants will stick with their contracts until maturity. The primary responsibility of the counselor is to help you choose the right financial product and to assist you in the contractual process as much as possible. However, the insurance consultant is the person who represents the insurance company, not the insurance seller. When a risk occurs, when you feel signs of fraud, when you need support … the person you need to contact is the insurance company. It is the insurance company who is the subject of the contract and is responsible for paying you under the terms of the contract.

More specifically, life insurance is an invisible product, used only when the risk occurs. Therefore, you should not fret when paying a fee each year but only get the right one contract. The liability of the insurer lies in responding promptly and transparently to your questions; To pay properly, promptly, fully and promptly the benefits of the incident and the benefits stated in the contract. Value additions such as Tet gifts and birthday presents are voluntary gratitude activities and are of little value compared to the actual benefits you will receive. Ask yourself questions, you buy insurance to receive protection benefits to receive the gifts from your birthday or Tet’s vacations.

One of the mistakes that customers make is that they do not remember the name of their product or their basic interests. Insurance has many products with very different interests. To avoid falling into the case of comparing benefits with the people around you and suspecting your insurance company, you should take some of the features of your product, aren’t you?

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