“CRÊPE SUZETTE” – a little scorching on the passionate flame…

There is nothing better than a New Year’s Eve in a French restaurant. Cute trolleys crossed, across the hall. Quartets play classical, melodious, sweet songs. The blue fire burned bright on the copper pan, flashing warm red color each time hit the light. And Mimosas cocktails with Crepes Suzette. Right, crêpe cake bright yellow and aroma of orange peel, immersed in the passionate orange butter sauce, bold flavor of the frivolity, luxury of the French upper. Simply paradise, our minds are relaxed and full of excitement every time we talk about it. No one can refuse Crêpe Suzette as a dessert for the New Year’s Eve, like a sweet morsel on a rainy day late in the morning, windy, windy or simply to satisfy the taste, no need to borrow at all…

Crêpe Suzette carries the name of a woman. It started at the Café de Paris in Monte Carlo, when Prince Edward of England came to this place, having lunch with a group of gentlemen and a young lady. 15-year-old waiter Henri Charpentier was asked to serve the group and was clumsy as a mixture of sparkling wine and orange sauce and a scoop of crepe, creating a different taste and feeling for the other. Crepe familiar. Prince Edward and the guests were very impressed with that, and asked Charpentier about the name that he wanted to order. Charpentier wants to name it: “Crepes Princesse” (crepe princess), but Edward, in the usual manner of a gentleman, has suggested he serve the dish named Crepes Suzette in honor of the young lady sitting at the table. eat. A classic dish was born, Charpentier began to become famous for cooking, became famous and widely shared this story as a beautiful part of the memory. Although there is a lot of debate about who Suzette is, it’s still my favorite version, where a small accident makes an anonymous dish immortal, where a gentleman’s cock makes a good name and the incentive needed for a waitress to pursue a dream and have a brilliant career.

Crepe is a specialty of the region of Brittany, also a place where the famous cider but also popular throughout France. Having an afternoon cafe, listening to jazz and enjoying a crepe and a glass of cider has become a symbol of the urban lifestyle of the middle class. What makes crepes delicious? Soft cakes, lightly long with bright yellow color. And the border was crispy with a myriad of tiny punctures such as a delicate Calais flare, as fragile as just lifting it would break. As for the flavor, it’s easy to combine crepe cakes with all kinds of cakes and sauces in a flexible way, but for me Crêpe Suzette is always in the top spot, because it has the taste of passion and love. As someone once said: “Love is a fire of flaming brandy upon a crepe suzette,” is like a fire brandy fire on a Crepe Suzette, though short but extremely intense, just like love everything, sincerely, every minute, every second.

I love the orange peel, especially the orange peel is fresh raw plastic, because that, every time Cao Phong oranges are sold on the road, I bought a bottle of Cognac to prepare their own Grand Marnier. When the orange wine burns, the scent burns, the orange-green flushes over the crepe, and everyone wants to say, “Une Crepes Suzette, S’il Vous Plaît”

2 large chicken eggs.
250g of flour.
120ml of fresh milk without sugar.
80ml of water.
1/8 tsp vanilla.
1/2 tsp of sugar.
1/4 tsp salt.
1 Tbsp cooking oil.
50ml Grand Marnier or Cointreau
Beurre orange:
85g butter, cut pieces.
120g sugar.
3 Cao Phong orange, squeezed water and take the shell.

Go to the kitchen:
Beurre orange:

Remove the white pulp on the inside of the orange peel and cut into small fibers.
Heat the butter on the pan, add sugar and heat over medium heat until dissolved. Then pour orange juice and orange peel into fiber, boil until fluffy.
Add the Grand Marnier, about 1 ‘, turn off the stove.

Beat eggs, oil, water, milk, sugar, salt, vanilla together. Gradually add flour and beat until smooth. Leave in the cooler for about 2 hours.
Heat a 20cm pan over low heat, a little butter over the pan to prevent sticking. Add a small amount of salt to the pan and smooth it over the pan. Increase the fire until the edges begin to turn brownish and turn the face and continue to put on the stove for about 1 minute until the other side is seared and browned. Repeat until you use up the amount of flour, this powder can do 12 units.
Put cake into a triangular form. Boil a little bit of Beure Orange sauce over medium heat and bring the crepe to the island until all sides of the cake are covered with the sauce.
Stir Marnier until the steam, to add salt to burn alcohol. Pour the amount of alcohol over the crepe and let the crepe topped with the beurre orange sauce.

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