Trip to Cinque Terre – The brilliant scarf of the Mediterranean

Cinque Terre is a five-storey village on the Mediterranean coast of Italy, with pristine coastlines, rugged terraces and colorful houses. This is certainly the most prominent destination of Italy, if the city of Rome, Florence make you tired and something more rustic and peaceful.

This is the one among the five trainings you take from La Spezia. This village has two areas to visit, the cliff is contemplate the sea or the old town with full of food. Riomaggiore is the capital of Cinque Terre.

The second village is quite small, but there are overwhelming scenes, the colorful houses clustered on the cliff. When I came here, it was like the scene is not color but it is so great.


This is the only village in Cinque Terre that does not share the Mediterannean Sea, when the train stops at Corniglia Station, you have to climb at least 500 steps. This is a place suitable for trekking people and an overview of Cinque Terre from above.

A flood in 2011 brought the old village back to the sea, but the people who loved Vernazza in particular and the Cinque Terre in general contributed together to restore the village from the rubble for six months. There are many restaurants on the cliff here you should try to look at Vernazza.

Monterosso al Mare

This is the largest village of Cinque Terre, consisting of two areas, modern and ancient. The modern area is the stop of the train, the old quarter with many restaurants and the cliff area for you to climb and admire panoramic Monterosso on the Mediterranean coast.

You do not have to book a ticket in advance, from Florence you can get to Trenitalia ticketing station to La Spezia, from La Spezia station and you will buy tickets to Cinque Terre. It runs through all 5 villages and takes just 7 minutes to the first village Riomaggiore and 20 minutes to Monterosso al Mare, the farthest.

What will we eat here?

Mixed seafood is a must try when you come here, you will enjoy the Mediterranean seafood simple but the smell is unforgettable.

Pesto pasta is also a must for Cinque Terre because it uses seafood instead of traditional Pesto sauce.

Friggitoria is your favorite snack in the Cinque Terre with a wide selection of shrimp, squid with potatoes and fresh lemon slices, squeezed lemons on squid and potatoes before use.

White wine Sciacchetrà is a specialty here, for seafood lunch do not forget a two glasses to enjoy the full.

How to find a motel?

Rooms in Cinque Terre are rather pricey, the best option is to stay in a nearby city like La Spezia. Or if you do not want to stay the night, Florence is a more vibrant city from which you can travel to Cinque Terre and back within a day.

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