Travel TIPs: How to travel by the subway in Singapore

For travel in Singapore, traveling by subway is a form of cost savings, convenient to explore the beautiful island. Visitors also have the opportunity to explore the most modern subway system Southeast Asia on the island of lion.

A number of cheap airline flights landed at Terminal 1, Singapore Changi Airport. On flights, flight attendants will issue entry forms for foreign visitors.

In addition, you can get the entry form set in the wooden table. Next to it are two display stands for free Singapore maps of the way, subway system, shopping centers and entertainment venues.

After completing the immigration procedure, take the Skytrain to T2 arrow to take the free tram from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 – where the metro station goes to the city center.

At Terminal 2, follow the tram direction to Train to city center, take the escalator and then turn left, go straight for about 50 meters to the entrance to Terminal 3 ). In front of the gate there will be escalators going down to the basement – where there is a subway station.

How to buy a subway ticket at the airport

You will immediately see the Passenger Service. Please queue for EZ Link at 12 Dollar Singapore (SGD) (about 195,000 VND), 5 year use period, of which 7 SGD is used – 115,000 VND.

You can recharge your EZ Link card at the Customer Service counter or refill – purchase a Ticket Machine ticket next to the train station. The lowest face value of the receiver is SGD 10 (about 165,000 VND). If you do not have any retail, you can change at the counter.

For a 4-day or 3-night cruise, you only need to add 10 SGDs or 20 SGDs to travel in Singapore.

The EZ Link electric train card is a magnetic card, which automatically switches on and off. Depending on where the system will subtract the corresponding amount in the card, the price varies from 0.87 SGD.

Metro lines in Singapore

The East-West (green) East West, or EW, has 31 stations. The first station came from Pasir Ris EW1 and ended at Joo Koon EW29. There are two stations from Tanah Merah to Changi Airport named Expo CG1 and Changi Airport CG2.

North-South (NSW), abbreviated as NS, has 28 stations, departing from Jurong East NS1, ending at Marina South Pier NS28.

The North East Line (NE), which stands for NE and has 17 stations, comes from Harbor Front NE1, ending at Punggol NE17.

The Circle Circle (CC), which stands for CC and has 30 stations, comes from Dhoby Ghaut CC1, ends at HarbourFront CC29 and adds a CE1 Bayfront station.

Downtown line (blue) is DT. The service is under construction. Currently 6 stations are completed in the first phase is Bugis DT14, Promenade DT15, Bayfront DT16, Downtown DT17, Telok Ayer DT18 and Chinatown DT19.

How to read station name and direction

When taking the subway, you should note the station name as well as the direction name.

The station name consists of the abbreviation of the route name and station number. For example, the name of the subway you started is HarbourFront, denoted NE1 (purple line) and the name of the station is Little India, which is NE7 (also purple).

The name of the direction is named after the last station of the route, recorded right on the door to the subway. For example, the purple route has two directions: HarbourFront and Puggol, the red line has two directions, Jurong East and Marina South Pier. The three green directions are Pasir Ris, Joo Koon and Changi Airport.

For interchange stations, some are green and purple transit centers such as Outram Park; Red, purple and gold like Dhoby Ghaut … You will easily see on the tram map.

How to move to the center

For a subway ride from Changi Airport to central Singapore, you depart from Changi Airport CG2 MRT Station to Tanah Merah EW4 MRT. At your place, you change the direction of Joo Koon. Then, depending on where you live in Singapore, you will choose a stop or change the train line accordingly.

Most people choose to stay in Clarke Quay or Chinatown because of the convenience of eating. From Tanah Merah MRT Station, continue on to MRT Outram Park. The next step is to change the train from Green Line to Purple, take the Punggol and you will step down at Chinatown MRT Station or Clarke Quay MRT Station. Travel time from one of these two airports is approximately one hour.

If you choose to stay in Kallang or Bugis for cheap and near shopping, then from Tanah Merah MRT station, you will add 6 more stations to Kallang MRT, or go to another 8 stations will go to MRT Bugis. (along the Green Line).

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