Things to keep in mind when buying an apartment

The high demand for housing in recent years has made condominiums a good choice at affordable prices for people with moderate incomes. Here it is


Good location when the apartment is beautiful

Location is the first thing to know and take note when buying a condo. In the real estate industry, good location is based on the distance from the accommodation to the city center and has beautiful views. In fact, with the apartments that meet the requirements will have high prices. For homebuyers, it is important to focus on the distance from home to company or school, neighborhood security and neighborhood.

Technical – social infrastructure
The house has a convenient transportation system is useful to everyone. In addition, the house should be near schools, markets, supermarkets, hospitals … All of the above is called social-technical infrastructure – one of the things you need to know when choosing a condominium. These factors will directly relate to your family’s future life. So find out carefully to avoid the disadvantages of living after buying a home.

The facilities at that place

The public benefit comes from the modern condominiums

New style condominium with additional facilities such as playground, swimming pool, gym, parking, cleaning service, security, landscape …. Of course, these utilities are part of the price you want to buy the apartment, the more utility the higher the price. If your family’s average income and basic housing needs, you just need to pay attention to basic utilities.

Interior design

The design and interior of the apartment should match the living needs of the landlord

In the design is also important. Interior design includes the size, structure, number of rooms, toilets, kitchens, living room, balcony, windows … In addition, the basic interior such as doors, flooring, painting walls and trusses. The kitchen should also be included. You should not choose a large area or luxury furniture because it will be unnecessarily priced. The family has 4 people, husband and 2 children, the apartment is reasonable with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and 2 toilets, area from 50m2 to 70m2.

Price and form of payment
The price and form of payment is one of the important things to know when you buy a condominium. Prices determine whether you can buy a home or not. The form of payment is how you will pay.

At present, most investors have links with banks to support home loans. You should carefully understand the income that is appropriate for loan rates, annual interest rates and payment terms. These loans typically have a term of 10 to 20 years, so you need to balance your family’s spending plan.

Papers and Legal

You need to check the contract terms carefully before signing

Information about the owner, source of capital, business license, construction is the minimum you need to know when buying a condominium. In many cases it is unfortunate that after buying, the house does not have a separate red book or unreliable project increases the risk of losing money when depositing the project.

To avoid risks, you must check the contract details, information before signing or making a purchase decision. Put your trust and life into the reputable investors.

Management costs
Many people wonder why they have to pay extra management fees? This is also one of the many things you need to know when buying an apartment. The cost of apartment management is calculated based on the operation, management of the apartment. The value of your money is reflected in the quality of life, utility as well as professional management from the management unit.

These fees may include parking fees, security fees, general cleaning fees, maintenance fees, electrical repairs, periodic elevators, etc. If checked carefully, these fees may be ” Eat “a good amount of money every month and affect the financial planning of the house.

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