Financial issues we should not tell children

Children are often curious and they need to be aware of what is going on around them. But parents need to pay attention when they want to share with them financial issues such as specific income or pressure when we work for money … Let’s find out what we need to avoid.

Tell them about your income
When children start to curious about the income of parents, you should not tell your children too detailed as the specific number, how to make money …. The perception of a child is immaturity and it is possible that the level of income of the parents will become the subject of discussion while playing with their peers.

Instead of revealing the correct numbers, help your child understand each family’s economic circumstances and living standards. In addition, everyone needs to work hard to contribute to the family and society.

Compare the parent’s salary
Never let a child compare to their parents’ ability to make money. Children are too young to understand the importance of income so it would be naive to speak. Surely no parents happy to hear the child say “Daddy is male son, how to make less money than mother” right?

You should let your child know that both parents have the responsibility to work together to take care of their small family, including the baby and grandparents.

Take the pressure to make money home
Although it is hard to avoid the pressure of working in the office, parents should not show fatigue with their children. This will negatively affect the psychology and world of light in the child.

Parents need to motivate their children to study hard to get good jobs and secure future. If possible, spend time with your children exploring and pursuing passion, developing outstanding characteristics in the baby.

Expressing fatigue, the pressure will affect the psychology of the child

Refuse to buy toys for children by lying
You tell your son he can not buy his favorite toy, but just a few minutes later, he sees you paying for a full basket at the supermarket. In such situations, children will be very confused and do not understand the reason why their request is not met.

You should not immediately give a reason to refuse the offer or show no interest in your child’s thinking. Parents should explain to the child that it is unnecessary to buy at this time because there are many toys at home.

The value of a gift
Every child will be happy to receive gifts. Therefore, you do not need to know how much the gift is, but instead, let the child fully enjoy the spiritual value of the gift.

You can suggest children give gifts to relatives, friends on special occasions so early baby awareness of caring and bring joy to people.

Teach children how to care and make people happy

As soon as a child, you should be smart about the financial situation to help children not deviate in thought and to appreciate the work of parents. Besides, parents should train their children to use proper money and learn how to help their friends and relatives.

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