Gulias – Hungarian country flavors

It is hard to believe that it was July, but the bright sunshine has let us know that half a year has passed and it is time to reward yourself for a holiday to escape the worries of life.

Unlucky to have the rest of the day like everyone, when I am busy with work, with plans in the near future. It is natural to want to be small, to be left carefree, so as not to confront the chén of the adult world. There is a little reminiscence of the childhood “lurking” in Hungary and then it seems that I am more fortunate than many people because they have to go there and then have the very precious life but without much money. can not buy.

Speaking of childhood, there are also very sweet memories and newcomers to a stupid boy from a backward country. Remember the happy days in kindergarten with friends “West”, in the afternoon was taken to the mother shopping center – which did not exist in Vietnam at that time, also known Mc Donald, to gelato While the children at home only knew the bimbi and lime ice cream at the school gate, it seemed that he was coming to a world different from where he lived, not only enjoying the enjoyment of the literary world. But more importantly, its thinking is also developed in a different direction. Among the many pleasures, the best part is the trip and the great food. Even though I was young, it seems that I was interested in discovering what to eat so now, that passion is an essential part of my life. Always, food is an indispensable part of every culture and is a great way to showcase the characteristics of that culture.

Feeling the emotions, in July, I will introduce Hungarian cuisine – the food associated with childhood memories. The culinary culture of the Hungarian land has some characteristics that are hard to mingle with other cultures. The three basic characteristics are the influence of nomadic culture, rivers culture and Paprika. The Hungarians are of distant origin from the Central Asian nomadic tribes, so their food is usually meat stewed with vegetables, salty and cooked for many to eat in the big cauldron. . Lake culture is characterized by dishes made from freshwater fish, unlike anywhere else, such as Halászlé, a fish soup that you will soon introduce. Finally Paprika (a kind of sweet pepper powder), it appears in most Hungarian dishes and becomes characteristic of the cuisine of the country, which in turn makes the taste very rustic, slightly subdued. little wood, smoke. Hungarian dishes always bring the flavor of warm, bold, homogeneous, not simple but not too fussy.

Making Csipetke:
Beat eggs with flour, salt and noodles.
Add the flour to the ice cream bag.
Boil water, just squeeze the powder, just take the scissors to make large pieces of bread noodles, boil about 5; for nine.
Decorate on plate, add minced celery.

To begin with the subject of Hungarian memory, I would like to introduce the Gulyas – Hungarian drug. Gulyas means cowherd in the Hungarian language, but gradually people have come to understand that this concept is cobbler’s meat. It became the national hero of this country because Hungary possessed the largest grasslands in Europe and historically they have kept up thousands of cows to the largest livestock markets in Europe at the time. there. And, of course, on the way there will be “sick” animals that will be eaten by the flesh for the shepherds, and Gulyas was born.

Stir-fried beef baked in Paprika, the raw coarseness of Csipetke (a kind of Hungarian noodles) served with a thick soup of sweet potato paste, brilliant chili paste left in the back of the tongue. peaceful homeland. Every time I meet this dish, it seems that every memory is rushed back, as if returned to carefree and foolish childhood, when eating too much Gulyás to intestinal obstruction have to fast for a few days but still take I’m lucky to be away from school …


Click to enlarge.
500g beef shoulder
1 carrot.
2 parsnip (white carrots).
300g potatoes.
1 onion.
2 Tbsp paprika. **
1 celery *
2 tablespoons cooking oil.
200g flour.
1 egg.
A little oil.
A little salt

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