Teach children how to do when lossing transmission

When you go to a crowded place, you are very easy to lose your baby and accidentally create opportunities for the bad guys to act. Teach your child how to handle when lost to avoid the unfortunately situation.

Choose a destination if you go
Parents should choose a point easy to find, safe to appoint children when lost. These locations may be fountains, statues, buildings … in the center of the play area, where not too far on either side, have colorful features that are easy to identify or have outstanding heights. Thanks to that, the baby is easy to remember and wherever you can find the place.

At the same time, be prepared for the baby, that straying is a complete risk can occur. Just calm down, follow the steps carefully taught at home, she will soon meet with her parents. As a result, she does not fall into a state of panic when she can not find a loved one. Bad guys do not take advantage of the situation to harm the baby. Reassure them that they will come to see you if you do not see them. She should go to this place as soon as possible and wait patiently for her parents.

Teach your child to be safe
A safe place is defined as a place of protection. In any play area, it is easy to find the security guard, customer care information area, reception desk … with staff ready to assist. Aside from finding a date when you get lost, teach your child how to find safe places and safe people. You should buy publicity books, protect and teach your children to identify those who can trust.

In the event of a disaster, fire or explosion, children should be taught how to escape safely. With these types of incidents, relatives often lost each other by jostling, pushing. When stepping into a place, the child needs to determine how many exits, where the elevator, what kind of escape to be able to handle when the parent. Remind children absolutely not use the elevator when the power outage, fire …

Create a password
One of the secret to dealing with lost is creating a password between parents and children. Family members absolutely do not disclose this password to anyone except where necessary. When your baby is alone and someone who claims to be a friend of his or her parents approaches, teach him or her the password. If they are really familiar, they will be notified by their family. In contrast, she absolutely does not listen to this person and seek immediate help immediately. You have to anticipate getting lost, bad guys will take advantage of the approach and your child has the appropriate treatment.

Choosing a password is simple. Let me choose any word, any better for the bad guys can not guess or infer it. Next, let’s practice the situation and repeat this password to your baby. If you ask a friend to pick you up at school or look after your baby, change your password as soon as possible. Possibly, the crook is a family acquaintance. Usually, the average length of time to change a new password is 3-4 months because the baby may have disclosed it or have family followers for the information.

Be careful
During long trips, parents should prepare some emergency supplies such as beacons, whistles … so that they can be alert in case of emergency. At close quarters, these devices may be more noticeable to parents or guardians than police cousins. If your family has a picnic in the forest or stays in the evening, have your child dressed in colorful clothes, reflective clothing to keep track of.

Before leaving the house, you can take pictures of baby and other items such as bags, hats, coats … This is a precious material to protect, support desk to find the baby in case of lost. In some commercial centers, images of the baby can be zoomed onto the television screen to better visualize. During the panic, many parents will forget what to wear today to describe the person who can help. On the other hand, he did not pay enough attention to the sound of the switchboard describing himself and the area his parents were waiting for. This image can easily be printed in batches so that the search and rescue team in time.

Have your child dressed in reflective clothing and take pictures before the trip to get better

Lost is an unpleasant experience that can affect the child’s mental and physical health. Do not forget to teach children how to deal with lost in the early and often reminded to not forget when the risk occurs.

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