Who is responsible for your insurance policy?

An insurance consultant is someone who will help you find the right protection product and complete the initial insurance application. However, this is not the responsibility and obligation to pay the risk as well as the care of the contract until maturity.

If you have any questions, please contact the insurance company immediately to get prompt and accurate answers

Insurance company and yourself
An insurance policy is the only evidence that shows your engagement with the insurance company, which represents the parties involved. An insurance company is obliged to compensate you when the risk arises when and only if you provide full coverage. In contrast, you should equip yourself with the basic knowledge about insurance to avoid the case of profiteering unfortunate. It is important that the two parties have equal rights and obligations in the contract, one service provider and one service user.

Rights of the Insurance Company Duty of the Insurance Company
Premium income
Requesting the insurance buyer to provide sufficient information

Refusal to pay compensation

To request insurance buyers to apply measures to prevent and limit losses

Unilateral termination of the contract

Explain the terms of insurance
Issuance of insurance certificates to insured buyers in a timely and adequate manner
Respond in writing to the official reason for refusal to pay benefits, if any

Cooperate with insurance buyers to claim compensation from a third party, if any

Client Rights Customer Obligations
Select a reputable insurance company to buy insurance
Requesting the insurer to explain the terms and issue the insurance certificate

Unilaterally suspend the contract when the insurance enterprise deliberately provides false information to force the insurance buyer to sign the contract

Requesting insurance companies to pay insurance premiums

Assignment of insurance contract

Pay full premiums
Declare truthful, complete health information and other information related to insurance policies

Notify cases which increase the risk or incur additional liability of the insurer

Inform the insurer as soon as possible when the insurance event occurs

Apply measures to prevent and limit damage to the subject of insurance

The story of a car buyer is an example of how you buy life insurance. Although life insurance can not handle, feel but this is a complex product that requires careful study before investing. Be a smart consumer and learn the rights and obligations of the parties before deciding to invest a large amount of money!

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