“CALZONE” WITH HAM AND MUSHROOMS – The story on the rainy night…

The name “Calzone” is a fried pizza, which is not wrong, it is from the innocent view of a child, calling everything in life with what is felt. And with a snob with a fascinated fascist attitude when it comes to food and drink like me, Calzone must be fully defined: the pizza is folded and baked in the oven, originating from the domain. In Italy, much of the controversy is not exactly Campania or Puglia. It is believed that Calzone was named “Calza” – the bulge socks were quite popular in the 17-18 age because the shape of the cake is quite similar to the calf when wearing this costume.

A typical calzone is made from Napoli-style pizza dough, simply served with salted pasta, fermented at room temperature and then refrigerated. In the middle, the kernel is filled with many different versions depending on the product characteristics of each domain. Back to the two countries who are arguing about Calzone’s hometown, Calzone’s traditional Californian or, more specifically, Napoli, is just like Margheritta pizza: fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella. And the traditional Calzone version of Puglia is rich in marine ingredients: anchovy, black olives, capers, onions, ricotta cheese and, of course, mozzarella. Calzone versions, different from the basic ingredients: tomatoes, mozzarella, ricotta and cold meats, can be easily found throughout Italy, as well as in the Italian community. Immigrants to the United States.

In Puglia, there is another type of calzone called panzzarotti. Still made from that powder, the mixture is but smaller in size and fried in olive oil instead of baked, which is a famous street food of this land. Calzone, too, is a street food: old “take away” pizza. In my eyes, it was the Italian way of showing sandwiches with their produce, their logic and their sense of humor. I like a Calzone with a crunchy, thin and crunchy crust, just a bite through the crust, you’ll feel the warmth and fervor of Ricotta and Mozzarella melted, harmonizing all the pieces. vegetables, fresh meat. A.

When I like to use onions, bell peppers and ham, I sometimes like mixed onions, ham and mushrooms. Many people like a calzone with all the cheese inside is mozzarella because of the fun pulling string. And I prefer the classic, combining mozzarella and ricotta with a 2: 1 ratio. Ricotta is a great addition to the Mozzarella flavor, which is less flavorful than the lovely texture. And I bet Cider would like that kind of calzone as well.

Rainy night in memory, we remember people love, remember the most simple love from the beginning and found in the memory fragments that inspiration. Inspiration is like the flame of this blog, the lack of it, the message is so bland, lifeless. Just like that, sitting up a little conversation with Kane, both boys nodded to the conclusion that it was okay to let the brothers live alone, but if there was a woman in the house, then the children I will have the motivation to do bigger things, to be able to take care of my own family. So, we really need the women we love, as endless inspiration for life becomes more meaningful. And what can we do to repay those love? Try to make each day more proud, more reliable and not forget to give her more love, small memories every day. As a small delicious Italian was placed in the box waiting for my muse.

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