Hunting in the middle of the thunderstorms night with Rane in Guazzetto

Sometimes the fisherman like the hunters in term of the pursuit of blue-eyed creatures are also part of the hunting season – albeit always underestimated – even if they are not welcomed on luxury tables.

Although it was a favorite past, after the moment called “frog event”, I no longer eat frog as often as before. Every month just a few times, and even if not able to withstand just often find the cold storage of supermarkets to buy. Anton Ego’s childhood came after a piece of ratatouille, and in my story, it was a fried frog’s dough. Always remember it as a delicious mother cook when sick, every time a little “achievement” or sometimes just a little pampered mother a lucky day to find this “rare” in Hungary. If it was still in Europe but a country like France or Italy, the frog’s thigh might not be so firmly embedded in memory. It is rare, always, to me this is not just food that has become a luxury item for the soul, take us back in time.

Most of us think frogs are endemic to Asian cuisine, but it’s not. Europeans enjoy them satisfactorily, no less than the black-haired boy I mentioned above. Of course not all, but at least French, Belgian, Balkan and Italian. I like the way Italian people make this dish according to the typical way of Lombardy: Rane in Guazzetto. That means omnipotent frogs, or in tomato sauce, or in white wine, depending on where, each family is different. I like the second type because of the familiar texture of the pieces of frog’s thighs are crispy in the butter properly with the white wine smell trapped in each piece of meat, like the fragrant aroma of lemon, bitter, slightly sour, A little bit salty with parsley fragments long. Gently, the bar, each drop is as calm as the rain is falling out.


500 g thighs of frog.
4 Tbsp flour.
150 g butter.
120 ml of white wine.
2 branches of garlic, minced.
1 handful of parsley, chopped.
1/2 lemon, crushed and crushed.

Go to the kitchen:

– Roll the frog’s thighs over the flour, paying attention to the sticky powder.
– Heat the butter, fry the thighs of butter in the butter, pay attention not to fry too much in the same batch, easy to cause diarrhea due to no area to evaporate water. Spread on fire just to avoid burning the butter, when the frog’s thighs are ripe, then picking oil.
– Heat the remaining butter, just use to fry the frog, saute the garlic until golden, then add frogs.
Add the white wine and cover, about 15 ‘on a small fire.
– Take the pan out of the stove, add lemon juice and parsley, stir well.
– Put them on the plate and enjoy it.

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