What make to be the master of content?

I’m not a Content Marketing expert, so I don’t know what to do, how to learn to be good at Content Marketing. So, in this article, I will share the ways that I have been doing to accumulate knowledge and experience for my Content work.
Google, definitely Uncle Google is the first place that we go to when we want to find out a certain problem. Me too, the early days of learning about content also relied on Google. However, with the knowledge that Google gives us, it is not condensed, just like what we want to search. But it was enough to help me understand the basics of what I was looking for.
From those basic knowledge, I started to learn more deeply, definitely filter the “essences” that I needed. At this point, obviously I have to answer the first thing that I need very clearly.
It was also thanks to this “Research” period that I brought myself to books. I remember I read somewhere, to write well, you need to have good vocabulary and reasoning, to get this you need to read many books. From then on, I started to get into the habit of reading books, going to bookstores, and buying books. My bookcase is getting thicker every day because of that. At this point, it can be said that thanks to the charm with Content, I have acquired a good habit.
Well, Reading is also a way to write better content. Just keep reading, starting with the books you like. Gradually, the vocabulary will be better, the way of reasoning will be better, the way to lead the problem will also be more elaborate from there. In addition, reading books also helps yourself to know more good things, interesting things and useful knowledge. Also don’t forget to read more skill books about content such as: Hypnosis with words, Make friends with me, make love with words…
Write, try to write down what you think, share your personal feelings. I did this by setting up my own blog, and it’s just to write what I think, my own perspective on life. In my opinion, in order to write well, you first need to be able to write simple things in your own feelings. A small article every day, writing skills will be much improved.
Mentor, it’s a bit too much to say mentor, I have a brother (I call it master). Because in the early days of writing Content, learning about content, I was the one to guide me on what to do and how not to write Content Marketing. In the process of writing, I don’t understand anything, or I have any questions, I take notes to ask for answers.
Joining Group Content, this is the first group that I join to learn and improve my Content knowledge. Believe that the articles and sharing of people are an invaluable source of knowledge to build a solid foundation every day.
These are the things that I myself have been doing to perfect my own Content skills. Looking forward to hearing from everyone

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