How to choose a bag for men

I feel that this era is the age of information and multi-dimensional audiovisual. Ordinary consumers are no longer dazzled by big advertisements or monumental signs. The story of mercilessly criticizing famous luxury brands is no longer rare, and is correct. As for the connoisseur, everything is raised to a more acute level.

Like the item I’m talking about today is a handbag for men, for example. It is impossible to casually say “Italian leather handbags” or “bags of L, G” that can be sold. There are good intentions and there are bad intentions. Now, customers trace a product to the origin of materials and artisans. If you can’t answer the questions: “made of what”, “from where”, “whose”, don’t expect to get a few hundred thousand from their pocket for an empty box of only 7000 cm3.

Let’s just say, the leather of the best-rated Venetian region in Italy is also not scored as high as the leather of the three houses of Annonay, Du puy, Degermann of France – both in terms of durability as well as feeling to the touch. Not to mention the product of Böle Tannery from Sweden – considered the top of the world. And that’s just talking about cowhide.

With lower demands, people will look to products from Bengal goat skins that are mass-produced in Rajasthan West India; with higher requirements such as ostrich and alligator skins will often be found on farms in Thailand, Australia and the western United States. As for rare things like sea snake skin, it depends on your luck.

With suede – which is not really called leather, people look to Charles F. Stead of England – a supplier for such brands as John Lobb, Edward Green, Gaziano Girling …

So we have briefly reviewed the main materials, to see that this fashion world is very large, and in this day and age, no one can be forced to frame consumers in a few fancy words. flashy but more general.

However, the raw materials only decide 10% of the product at most.

Men’s fashion is different for women, men do not change fashion constantly, men show strong stability, so products for them need a lot of feeling, durability, with meticulous aesthetics; Many well-known brands for profit have only followed the appearance of preliminary colors, but have been careless in punching stitches, not even guaranteeing durability, and thus seriously lost points.

The best thing in the world is still holding a good piece of leather and sending it to a Japanese artist – the most famous people in the world for finishing products.

However, I think that Vietnamese craftsmen, as well as Asia in general – with diligence and ingenuity can reach a high level.

Fashionable and effective
I think we men have always remained faithful to Aristotle’s philosophy: ethos (normative), pathos (inspiring, moving) and logos (reasonable).

It’s no coincidence that Satchels are expensive – they have a classic design with a buckle and border that never goes out of style, a strap that’s comfortable to hold, and that strap. Cross over shoulder looks very fashionable too. This is also one of the extra bags that help us express our body language best.

Nowadays, people don’t make a strict distinction between Satchel and Messenger anymore, except for one thing at most: Satchel is always made of leather, and Messenger can be made of fabric.

Messenger started out as a postman’s item, it was born for boys who ride bicycles, forced to keep the bag on their back when traveling, but over time, this bag has become one of the best bags. The most beach town for men – perhaps second only to backpacks.

In the past few years, backpacks have had a spectacular re-export even in the realm of men’s fashion. Do not rush to think that men’s backpacks are bulky, bulky sports backpacks because now, the fashion and compactness of the backpack have been improved. Backpacks are suitable for outings, walking around, going to work… the best thing is that backpacks are very popular with designers, often producing stylish and appropriate designs for each season.

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