Polite men in the beautiful sunshine of early autumn

Autumn when the first cold winds hit the city is the time when everyone gives themselves the right to wear more clothes to express their personality through clothes more. If you are still wondering what to wear this season to be beautiful and trendy, take a look at how men around the world are dressing for Fall Winter 2021 through this article.

For guys with strong black skin, a combo of brown and beige with close shades of each other is too ideal. The secret of these combinations is to choose an inner shirt that is closest to your skin tone so as not to make your face look out of place in the overall color scheme. At the same time, a thin jacket with a contrasting color will also make your face stand out. In the dress philosophy of Western clothes, the face – the subject of the charisma is still a detail that must be paid special attention, if you put on an outfit, then all others are clothes. If it’s not human, it’s a mistake.
If you ask Asian guys how to look manly, impressive and still stylish, this is the answer. The worn navy tone with a military green adds to the rustic and vintage look of this outfit. If you have to wait until the age of 40 to have a beard, you can still have a mustache in your 20s and 30s.

Influenced by Yohji Yamamoto’s style and the philosophy of baggy clothes inspired, the draping design of the costumes from the feudal period of China and Japan made the world appear now. a fashion trend that is gradually moving away from suits that are always close to the body. Inside this strange style is a radical in fashion thought when the shape is gradually placed lower than the freedom in movement and spirit. Those are beautiful clothes when in motion and still have no shortage of special when walking in the crowd.

In the world of Western clothing, the most thoughtful adjustment is always associated with the image of the suit. And for the young people born into the generation of trendy outfits from Nike, Adidas, bomber jackets and black and white patches, this is their own way of talking about neatness.

In cold weather days, this is a way for skinny people or fat people to cheat their appearance with a pair of baggy pants. Even so, this way of dressing is still really for people who are taller. A little highlight with a pair of cognac velvet pants will make men look much more special than using a combo of black velvet clothes.

The world is crazy with souvenir jackets (sukajan) just like how Europeans began to find a hidden treasure of Asian culture. If you’re looking for a different inspiration with sporty printed bomber jackets and a deeper style, then definitely invest in a souvenir jacket. This trend will remain with the fashion scene for many more years.

Just try a nice day walking around the downtown area where you live, then you will see a lot of ageless things. The buildings have been here for more than a hundred years, people of all ages are still living their lives comfortably, a bit of rebellious spirit has not been overshadowed by the years, and only age is growing. slow down over time like fine wine.

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