I am a passionate person, “backpacker” and dare to perform it my passion, my companion and my old bike often “lone wolf”. Recently I just finished the journey Nha Trang – Da Lat – Dong Nai – Saigon – Vung Tau – Binh Phuoc – Daknong – Daklak – Gia Lai also by motorcycle, and alone. Needless to say how enjoyable trip.

I also made trips to countries in the region such as Thailand, Singapore or doing a memoir about Cambodia or some Islamic countries. I made a journey to the majestic Sahara

My habit is never in a few well-known tourist destination, has cost money, just noisy and dull. I want to really enjoy yourself in life where they come, talk and live with the people here, like I was a real natives. Use these specialties manually by the people here do and invited her, not enjoying where shops. So just like that, a new experience for me with honest and closest to the land that they till, and compare with what others see it on TV or from other people say.

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