Some of famously Street Vendors loved by the youngs in Hanoi


This article is simply to help you have a pear means a community is reviewing memories, still cloud 9x or 10x late life is to know about the day of the wedding homely siblings “were very old age.”

The 8x, 9x early you remember, the day level 2, level 3, just after school was eager to rush back to the familiar shops? That day, there was no lemon sauce cafe to believe, nor lovely bakery tea shop to take pictures check in, yet a huge crush on one of his children, each transmission is authentic, “Discerning the right to eat it here this “.

Many of the restaurants that were closed, some of the changes, but some still exist as a powerful demonstration of “a glorious time”. Many children said: “There was a good as ever”, other children remained loyal as a habit can not be missed. So there will be a bit one-sided and individuals seeking to evaluate if the old flavor – now. This article will simply help you’ve probably one time been reviewing memories, still cloud 9x or 10x end of life known on the day of the wedding homely siblings “were very old age.”

1. Tea mango / yogurt sticky

This dish is two minutes each target market believe that a lucky bunch of “crazy”. Like lemon tea craze or cheese strings now, that day, where they go and see people selling tea, mango, yogurt sticky. But whom did “cool” are known, tea mango / sticky delicious tea only in Hang Than only.

Talking about the sticky yogurt, yogurt shakes in Hang Than plasticizer and aromatic eat properly see, yogurt is ordinary but somehow the two things that come together in the coming back … so strange. A child can eat two cups and still see Thom cravings. Mango tea is also a super special dish, smooth layer underneath mango, pineapple, have more pearl and coconut. Eat into fat immediately softened sweet, old days there many delicacies, just like the bewitching enough already.

2. the Phan Dinh Phung bobo chacha

What new dishes properly is awfully popular, most famous make the campus Phan Dinh Phung, that even now people still flock to daily nuop nuop just to taste the famous tea bobo chacha day.

Bobo chacha has 3 types of black tea is cooked with sticky rice, coconut milk sprinkled above, plastic eating the fleshy medium. White again made from cassava to sweet potatoes, eat with coconut milk and buffalo legs should have gentle, bar over the bar. Finally, most notably fruit tea, eat together é beads, pearl, medium sweet cooled medium.

Bobo chacha course outside school Phan Dinh Phung, also a lot of places open bobo chacha try again, but not where there is a sterling reputation as the place. Perhaps because people eat familiar, stabbed see whether there are other places than just the mouth but not see. Here, in addition to an additional bobo chacha rolls, fried potatoes Le Pho is also very popular.

3. Tea scoop in Ham Long

Location illustrious crowd that not only in the neighborhood Ham Long familiar, but also the crowd at the school, other areas also come to know that. Maybe this is the first place that the students learned to smell “buffet”. On a small table, presented all sorts of tea is placed in its own lock, no bubble, no jelly, no fibers Thai tea, and grapefruit types of tea, tea, green beans, red beans, tea, bananas. The large colorful casual tea ever crowds of children, students tried but packed days for full bowl. Where the biggest cup price only 2 thousand 500 hundred copper, now make more right now. But still much cheaper than block style white tea segment, then caramel treasure chau..vv …

4. Lemon Shrimp Noodles Vietnamese School Germany

This dish may prove to be “myth of the myth,” because until now still extremely crowded shop, the students not only Germany but also the crowd Vietnam “Vietnamese German veteran,” and all the kids, hit “old “.

Lemon shrimp pasta bowl here, the age-old still is, not vegetables nothing fancy embellishment, anyone can call oách much more dry cow sprinkled package, or something eaten sausage, a bowl of noodles is not their orders cover still hot continental platform you play well enough to bother. Which was weird, just lemon noodles boiling water just like at home alone, and yet every one of his children to seek out new food stand here, done and said: “I do not understand how to eat better here in the … home”.

5. Cream with tea roses in Tran Phu High School

It is a “myth” is not inferior lemons Vietnamese noodle Germany, cream and pink tea flung Tran Phu School is sauce dish ever made private cloud Hanoi a “fevered”. Even many Saigon or in other provinces also gave away ice cream on the list would be kept to Hanoi to eat, it’s enough to know the favorite hot and how this dish.

Cream away so straightforward, had exactly 3 tablets vanilla ice cream, was flung down and sprinkle a few slices of dried coconut on top. Just so that this dish “storm” until now. What medium sweet dishes in the day, just cool to just have the aroma of sticky plastic, eat a small bowl was enough horizontal belly and still fragrant food craving more, eat more.

Red tea is from say, before there enough pearl milk tea categories, only red tea Tran Phu new school enough to satisfy new tastes of the crowd prefer a private poker. What is the pink umbrella tea tomorrow, squash red tea, red tea chocolate, then the dish with caramel and xuka legendary pearl everything, too. Happy days make long story much like teen magazines write log is between cold winter, you handsome men donate grade buyers shy girl a red tea cup as if interested.

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