Some of Desserts which loved by Saigon Teens


Carp pudding, ice cream sticks shaped feet bear, binsu from raw melon or fruit pizza … you’ve tried any desserts in this list once in lifetime!

Saigon is not ashamed to known as “Sanctuary” cuisine dishes as all-region or around the world also, more specifically, sometimes appear a few new dishes. Just as “fashion” trend seasonally updated, this dish is most people suddenly loved and sold everywhere. The young people are extremely interested, to eat and take a picture, make a food movement can not not try this time.

1. Pudding carp

Both a carp placed in front of you are fresh and silky roi … lifelike, but in fact it is made from coconut or mango. This is a dessert of Hongkong extremely popular but recently begun to appear and become extremely popular thanks to its eye-catching looks. Therefore, a lot of you have come to diner on Bui Huu Nghia District 5 to enjoy and take pictures.
Made from whole coconut and milk, so anyone with a sweet tooth, then this dish is not possible in the form of “super tired”. So it is best to eat a fish with a standard 2 or 3 people. Also want to eat sweets and more tired, you can choose mango pudding dishes, as well as a fish, but much smaller in size, inside there’s bitter-sweet mango. With its extremely eye-catching shape like this, then surely you can understand why recent times this dish appeared overwhelmed on Instagram’s more to come by now !?

2. Fruit Pizza

On the time and movement of healthy dishes, so fruit or snacks less oil, less fat is very young Saigon are popular and recently started emerging fruit pizzas.
Regarding the basic form it is like the normal salty pizzas, also with thin soles and the topping on the cake surface. But instead of the usual Pizza is made from meat, seafood, or cheese, this was replaced by whole fresh fruits and a little cream on the side as replacement for traditional cheese layer, above the other Oregano class – savory flavor often sprinkle on most types of pizza, so be it fruits, the vegetables thanks to this class that “vegetarian cake” is also familiar flavors like “cake salty”.
The top surface layer of Oregano should also eating them will have little taste salty pizza as usual.

3. Thach herb

Weather Saigon always in a state of hot, very hot or very very hot, so that the cold and refreshing dish always amongst the best selling format. And recently, the famous herb jelly of Taiwan has created a craze with young people in Saigon for a unique and clean but extremely tasty.
This herb jelly has many types can be mixed topping eaten like green beans, red beans, nuts boba plastic, jelly noodle strands or pellets cake taro, yam Signal plasticity. All will be placed above a layer of ultra-fine grinding stone and a little cream sauce or eat together.

Even when present in Saigon for a short time as this dish suddenly become quiche dish every lunchtime. This is important as eating food as cool, cool the body from the outside due to be made from the herbs have a cooling effect, cooling.

Eating with little fresh cream and taro member and yam flour extremely popular.

4. Binsu melon

About 3 months ago, in a cafe located in the District 1 City suddenly become the location “check in” continuously since the emergence of super foods binsu monumental size and super expensive. But the problem is that most of you liked this binsu dishes made from whole fresh melon fruit, whole meat parts are twisted round and full surface decoration, and inside is sweet greasy cream with little originality super cool puree cells. Especially eaten there a little honey or chocolate sauce Bui Bui, fragrant aroma. The main type of home medium, medium, medium taste delicious with all intertwined should have made this dish is “hunt” for a long time and so far, the ice cream shop in Saigon binsu grow up pretty much, to both Hanoi and some other areas.
5. Cream super cute stick figure

A Bouquet version extremely popular in Thailand recently becoming “floating like alcohol” walk around Nguyen Hue Street. With copper prices nearly 30k 1 ice cream with all the cute shape and eye-catching decoration, a completely different style with traditional rod creams ago should have made this ice cream is always in a state too load and have to queue to buy for it.

Specialty This rod has a total of nearly 10 different kinds of smells like chocolate, vanilla, mango, mint, strawberry, fruit summary … with all shapes of hearts, chocolate, spiral or both Bear paws, … so besides enjoying ice cream, this is also your favorite dish is the most photographed. Even the famous artists of Saigon also started fundamentalist of the cream.
6. Fish Cream

It was creamy, but this is the cream, not ice cream sticks as above. Especially this ice cream is served with a cake to taste like a waffle cake but it has the shape of a fish is browning cream sandwiched beneath. Basically, the flavor is like the other fresh ice cream, but because of the shape of our very special that so many have come to you to enjoy and take pictures.

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