The Seven specialties mentioned in Hà Nam


Hà Nam is not the place which has many unique tourist attractions but it still own the delicacies that visitors must be remember.

Cakes baked rolls Phu Ly

Bread rolls which are familiar formula of people everywhere but Ly rolls taste very private, close to Hanoi cuisine, gentle and subtle.

Rolls of Phu Ly’s usually not cakes, served with baked rolls. To make the patties aromatic, it is marinated with spices and meat skewers on bamboo sticks grilled over charcoal rather than mass in grill. Delicious dishes while adding a few drops of tomato stems. This is a dish not to be missed for those who start the journey in Hanoi and Ha Nam stop for breakfast.

Binh Luc sprouts

In Henan, grassy lot in the brackish waters like Thanh Liem, Binh Luc, Kim Bang … but shoots profession fastest growing in Binh Luc district. Mam fiddler elaborately processed. The vines are stripped overalls, white peel, goodbye to very fine, mix salt and then sealed in jars incubated. The picky of food requires full sun exposure people have, indeed matured enough so that new dew exertion.

Braised fish clay pots Wuyi University
Braised fish dish is familiar to many families, but fish stock Henan own brand created by sophisticated processing and nutty flavor. The material is often chosen as the dish is black carp, cleaned and put in clay pots. Under pots lined galangal class to avoid burnt fish when shed for 10-12 hours. Braised fish when fish fillets in style with dark brown, soft flesh, bones melting … food is not left at all.

Voc village Wine

Voc villages have traditional rice wine brewery. How life descends, they remain loyal only to a distillery formula: fermented rice cooked with us – the men of 36 herbs North.

Though laborious and alcohol do not number more like industrial processes more but in return, the wine village safe Voc and create its own reputation. Just open the bottle cap Voc village is smelling fragrant rice flavor, charming, sweet but not drunk, not a headache.

Banana Dai Hoang
Renowned as the king advanced specialties, banana occupies the buffalo unlike large fruit banana, eat light. Stem rather small but very nice, plump fruit, yellow, green stem, head flies with 3 beautifully curled tentacles. When eaten, banana sweet, aromatic, tasty as eating more and see.

Channel Re Bun

Channel Re-named village in culinary map by nực supple bun. Channel Re Bun white, in, fibers and non-hunting preservatives. Through several stages soaked rice, rice milling, molding powder, boiled, leave under own esoteric family, new family in the village but there are fruits leaf bun, tasty noodle squeezed.

Channel Re Bun people in the area and the surrounding area are very popular. They told each other or, this noodle served with delicious sauce is also seen its reasons.

Tangerines Ly Nhan
Ly Nhan tangerine flattened fruit, crispy crust, thin, yellow when ripe nursery. This region succulent tangerine inside and outside oil. Use your fingers to peel refreshing smell emanates pleasant.

Li’s famous tangerine everywhere not only domestic but also exported to the world market and also make special application to kings of old. Thus, through Henan season tangerines, should enlist specially enjoy delicious dishes in the galaxy.

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