Bình Hưng island – The blue sapphires of Khanh Hoa


Binh Hung located in deepwater Gulf of Cam Ranh – Khanh Hoa Province, is one of three islands Tam Binh. In Binh Hung guests will admire a pristine islands with sea water emerald clear to the bottom, fine white sand like crystals stretches endlessly, tinged rocks and moss feel the warmth of the people supervising the post here!
From Phan Rang, if you will travel by road along the coastal road via a passage Vinh Hy Bay will open the path to the island Binh Hung. And if like boating, it takes only about 10 minutes to the boat dock on the island guide.
Located shy side deepwater Cam Ranh Bay, gleaming against the blue sea, the island of Binh Hung looked remotely like a shining jewel in the crown sparkle is immense sea. When setting foot on the island, Binh Hung like a transparent crystal that anyone will want to own. The scenery here is too beautiful and too charming.
Vast sea, sky blue floral sea invites guests immersed under cool water to empty out how troubles fatigue of everyday life. Seawater here have special jade green, in clear text that can see the fish swimming at the bottom or the gorgeous coral reefs.
White sand, smooth stretches headline, sea sand as transparent diamonds sparkling in the sun, surrounded by a sea plants are interspersed rapids. On the rocks, moss covered a cool green color, making beautiful beach becomes magical as space in the fairy tale. All make up a vivid picture of nature and most colorful.
Come to the island of Binh Hung, besides watching the sea, you can also jump um down to the cool water stroked my body shattered troubles. Rather shallow and the sea here is very clean because less-stained hands of human impact should be very suitable for the whole family to gather romp. In addition, because the sea is in so you can experience diving activities for coral is also very interesting.
After struggling with lease agreements ocean to exhaustion, you visit the island of Binh Hung village to discover new things and interesting offline. Binh Hung fishing village is a simple island village was peaceful inside the murmur of the waves.
These folds here are built in the direction facing the East Sea, the sea always imply good mother, the sea gives the villagers every meal of rice and clothing. Indeed, the ocean’s role in building the economy of the people is extremely important. The villagers mainly fishing and farming produce of the sea. Especially here with lobster farming is very common and is the main source of income of the villagers.
Morning is a good time to take a little tour around the island. And if you can get up early is you have the opportunity to admire the beautiful sunrise over the sea to heart. From early morning, around the beach was bustling fishing boats, uproar of seafood purchase the more people who cut.
Escape the hectic sound that walk another anymore you will admire the lighthouse island is little more trees over 100 years old lighthouse standing tall between the eastern sea despite the ravages of time and style storm.
When your legs were tired because of a long day of traveling, return to villages to enjoy the specialties of the island and village to fill your belly you offline. The food here is very fresh, as are processed immediately after fishing so you can freely enjoy comfortable. The specialty of lobster fishing village, steamed crabs, squid, snails her breast, moon snail, abalone, assorted pancakes …
Another great thing in Binh Hung again that the people warm and hospitable hearts of the people here. When you come here, you do not have to worry about accommodation, because the people of the island are available to you in thanks without charging anything. You only need to contact in advance and be sure to bring a hammock tent, blankets pillows offline!

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