Enjoy your breakfast with a bowl of catfish noodle in Yen Bai


Enjoy your breakfast with a bowl of catfish noodle between northwestern mountains, tourists admiring so strange but familiar taste of fishmeat with noodle in Yen Bai.

Unlike other kinds of fish noodle Hai Phong, Hai Duong perch bun, at Nghia Lo, Yen Bai kiosks used only snakehead fish caught from streams. This fish must choose the small to medium, not too big. Small snakehead fish meat fresh, and make meat in your tough. Fish are caught in the stream, so when eating meat is not friable and fragrant.

Plump fish noodle bowl for breakfast will make you attached to the land of Yen Bai, whether just passing through here once. Photo: Minh Duc

Snakehead fish after they are purchased to be washed, just two sides of the filter for meat and sliced, fried up. Often people do just before a Friday fish fry to not become rancid and dry. The noodle shops selling fish from morning to noon, afternoon is the time to prepare for the next day carrying goods.

Comes sautéed ingredients are characterized as Colocasia gigantea, sprouting, raw vegetables, beans, prices. Specifically, sautéed in Yen Bai also add fried fish, made from pieces of meat left after the chef has used breast. Diners can feel fuller taste of snakehead fish in a bowl of noodles.

Water used fairly simple noodle stew fish from pig bone and reducers add other basic spices. The beauty of this dish is the featured sauce made from tomatoes. When eaten with fish noodles, broth and blend sauce taste just make a sound, medium sweet.

Food is simple with basic ingredients contribute to increasing the concentration of diners in fish. The component comes as indispensable and as exalted flavor. Pieces of fried fish is not too which is somewhat succulent when eaten with vegetables and broth light bar.

Though not as famous as the traditional dishes of the Thai, Hmong in Yen Bai, fish noodles are also contributing to the culinary diversity characteristic of Yen Bai province. Prices fluctuate a fish soup vendors 20000-25000 copper.

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