Enjoy your breakfast with hot Vietnanese bread meatball in Dalat


Let’s you should to try in once for enjoying the sweet taste with pieces of shumai bone chewy chewy, fragrant fat … the more you’ll love the cool morning air in the flower city.
Bread shumai simply a cup of clear broth with a little grease to feel greasy, green onion few eye-catching. In the chilly air of Dalat weather, try a cup shumai will make you unforgettable.
Most in Dalat restaurants could made skillfully knead meatball that should have sufficient toughness, and moderate tasting mild flavor. Shumai country’s security from pig bone broth blended with the sweet sound from lean staff, add a little chopped green onion cut, causing food to become drawn from forms to taste.
When used shumai with bread, often people will give a little more to color and satay spicy pungency. Diners can use to add extra little price, non-fat crunchy coriander or cloves, put the hot cup to absorb the sauce and use will be very fragrant.
Bread shumai in Dalat often used in the morning, but you also can enjoy this dish at other hours in some shops.
Breaking into a small piece of bread, dipped into the broth, and then wait for the cake slowly suck enough water into his mouth. Feel your first taste is soft, fatty aroma of marinated meat thoroughly without sick. No need to fast, but you should eat when still hot to feel the taste of food in style. Mild aroma of cloves fat little green onion and crispy morning air made of Dalat become healthier before your eyes.
Da Lat, you will not be difficult to find places to enjoy this dish. Apart from the restaurant porch market, school, you can go to the village or fork Light Tran Nhat Duat – Hoang Dieu to enjoy.
The price of this item is not too expensive, partly shumai bread just VND15,000. If using 2nd loaf, you must pay 2,000 dong. In addition, you enjoy then a cup of hot soy milk better to enjoy the morning atmosphere in this city. This is a rare distinctions where there are outside Dalat.

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