Buffalo fighting festival in Hai Phong


On the eighth day of the ninth lunar month, The Hai Phong People with tourists everywhere in the country, as well as international visitors eagerly polished the Assembly to attend the Festival of Do Son Buffalo Fighting annual tradition to honor the spirit martial of Haiphong People. While the festival takes place in one day but preparatory work has taken place so long ago.

For every degree Lunar passed, 14 people belonging to three villages bordering Do Son, Hai and Ngoc Xuyen Toys nominates the talented driver of his buffalo traveled all over the country for good breeding buffaloes to prepare for ceremony competition in the ninth lunar month that year. “Buffalo males fighting is 5-6 years old, healthy, round neck and short. Buffalo back thicker, flat as possible. Horn must ebony, buckled up like a bow, swung between two horns. Eye black and red … Buffalo right, buffalo earned it like new bear out fighting. “After selecting the buffalo then the borders will appoint a carefully chosen care. Buffalo now known as Mr. Buffalo to demonstrate the importance of the spiritual life of the people of sea land. Then, the game takes place qualifier to select 12 finalists Mr. Zou held on September 8th lunar calendar.

From morning dawn, we climb a bus aimed straight painted furniture. Nearer to the sea, salty taste of salt, the warm breeze of autumn make us feel incredibly refreshed. 20 minutes drive, beaches One was out front. We got on a hotel located on the hill halfway, looking the sea, locker, and then no one said anything of them in unison: “bullfighting.” Everyone is eager to participate in a vibrant festival Hometown superlative.

Arena was held in a very big stadium of the town. Punctuality, a youth group of over hundred people wearing white uniforms carried the ensign. Inter started drumming contingent emerged, and the flags swung down very smoothly. Union flag dancers move in the legal battles of ancient armies, rhythm, plus the ball past the flag waving, waving to make up a majestic landscape immensely. After a while, a healthy young arms, dressed in traditional excavators carry the flag out, and rampaged, organic suddenly, casually swung up, down, waving right, turned left, winding, mighty like a Generals are aggressively combat. Drums contingent conjunctions since slowed and stopped. Dancers of flags greeted the audience went out, giving way to being sentenced to worship next procession. Drums, gongs slowly, creating a fascinating atmosphere to extraordinary solemnity. After worshiping heaven and earth, the armor began bringing him into the tent buffalo buffalo was built in around the arena. Buffalo buffalo plea advanced, next comes two people holding a flag covering his eyes, upper back fu silk things. Go before the wedding procession buffalo, parasols, signs of that armor. Looks real scene was solemn and suspense.

After the draw will select the folder, the bullfighting started. Still three people took his buffalo, a pimp, and two blinded, because they fear each other buffaloes outside the ring to see it will come together soon. Two buffalo he was led into the ring two corners, separated from the crowd by a bamboo fence. As you enter in the bamboo. The plea buffalo release. Skip blinded. Two buffaloes rushed straight into each other. People only hear the boos, whistles cheering. Two buffalo crashed into each other with a speed of people. Fuss. I feel like them both bounce bounce when touching. They began to lock horns together. Pinned together, trick pieces to rival flew up. The two “gladiators” to clasp together every centimeter one, four red stripes on the eyes, the atmosphere in the stands just left speechless intense drumming continuously. gim nhauCac he buffalo has many peel. If he does, it can be used to lock horns pieces and materials rival backs out, or push the opponent to the end makes opponents fear that fleeing. He does more small children, the lower back or use pieces of stroke and beat people down horns upward against most opponents rowse. He also takes advantage of his agility but slipped backwards, or sideways, but crashed into the belly opponents horn. The buffalo fighting his very aggressive, and hard-headed. There were small children, but he buffalo martial plus insurance has to be calculated stubborn make finals, at which time complete his injuries, blood stained, but still tenacious and agile making bigger rival postponed managed to fend off hard. Images of his black buffalo jump, the horns welcomed nghếch challenges, trick pads, working mighty wind tore into each other in intense battle drums, cymbals rang out in the jubilant atmosphere of the festival will always be the century unforgettable for visitors attend this festival.

After the finals ended, his armor buffaloes champions will be awarded Champion and many more deals in that year all that armor. But more important is the pride of a glorious victory but also numerous difficulties. After the festival, visitors go about everyone wants to buy buffalo meat is crushed three weight luck. And if anyone buy buffalo meat championship that year he would luck all year, so it was conceived. Buffalo Society closed, tourists leave, while people 14 armor quietly prepare for next year’s battle.

That night, I sat alone watching the sea night sea. On the waves chasing each other constantly, then suddenly welling up swallowing mighty cliffs at heart, I thought about the image of the buffalo he tenacity, valor early Tuesday. Inhale the sea breeze really stretch the chest, I felt like a brave warrior battling aggressively place, fought so merits. Bullfighting memories will forever dwelling places in my mind, and whenever I am weak, it pops up urging me on a mighty sea soil sons, brave, resilient. Thank bullfighting festival, thank Hometown was blown into a belief I love living in their lives.

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