Rế Pancake – The Snacks of Street Vendors in Phan Thiết


Rế Pancake is origins in Phan Rang (Ninh Thuan) but It’s become a specially traditional food in gradually spreading throughout Central, then it’s come to the south by the central people. Today it become to the most popular and become specialty in Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan). Rế Pancake in Phan Thiet now concentrated mainly in urban areas, the traditional occupation of many families, so each place for baked it, deliciously different degrees, but all are creating characteristic, unique flavor of this land.
Rế Pancake looks very simple at your first seeing, but in order to process success requires employees to be very tricky. The main ingredients of this dish comes from cassava or yam. Must choose the sweet potato, cassava (manioc) is fresh, not old nor young and going through 6 stages including 6 workers take on different jobs can be processed trivet delicious cake and nature amount.
Potatoes, cassava after carefully selected, put in bowl of water to soak for a few hours down the plastic, then stripped bark and filament cells are, so when fried these fibers interwoven and interrelated. Mix it with a little vanilla and then fried.
Next, workers wheeled up braziers northern oil pans are pink, add a little coconut oil to the pan. When boiling oil, a handful of cassava / yam put the patch available cells (spoon) and long-handled dip into the oil pan. Use chopsticks to the nine islands are potato fiber and avoid too thick clots stick.
Heating oil makes potato ripe and bind to each other, make up the cake shaped like the trivet to liner pot, pots, pans of people in the countryside, but much smaller, from which bread trivet born. When the cake was bound together and cooked evenly, using salvaged bread blister patch to drain.
Fried noodles all have cell number was then filled basket bread trivet. We use a different pan to win road. When the sugar melts, folding each cake pan trivet a dip into sugar and then removed, continue to the end. Then add a little sprinkle of roasted white sesame bread trivet surface has embedded road, so when users create scent and taste more special.
Trivet yellow oil fried pie, chew crispy, just so sweet and delicious, along with the scent of sesame, sweet potato, cassava … make your taste buds melted when tasted.
Guests can buy it in most specialty shops in Phan Thiet, street vendors in tourist areas, in the traditional village, Phan Thiet market, the stops … for about 15,000-20,000 dong per bag of 10 females.
Besides the yellow cake nursery trivet visitors often see, at some rest areas for visitors to purchase local products as gifts are exhibited and sold it in black gray. Although raw materials and taste the same, black bread trivet create a new feel for the foreign tourist, this kind usually cost about 30,000 dongmot bag.
Tourists want to experience, learn more about the craft of making cake to the oven trivet can make traditional bread in Lac Dao Ward, Duc Thang Nghia Phu Tai or Germany.
These days, with cold weather, chew cake chrome trivet Lavrov, crispy with hot tea will make you feel more comfortable and palatable. Guests have the opportunity to stop in Phan Thiet, do not forget to miss this rustic specialties and buy more storage memory for a long trip to the stomach lining when necessary

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