Cat Bà fishing village’s Festival


Cat Ba Island is belong to Haiphong which is one of the three largest island in Vietnam, Hai Phong city is located 60 kilometers to the east and 150 kilometers from the capital Hanoi. Cat Ba island as a tourist paradise, where great mix between the majestic landscapes created by nature, with traditional ancient indigenous culture with the products of intellectual and human hands. The project is a combination of forest and sea resorts, with clean environment.

Cat Ba Island is the ideal place for the development of sea island tourism as ecotourism, beach tourism, conference tourism, scientific tourism, tourism, by the hidden beauty and the diversity of marine ecosystems, diverse seafood and especially the hospitality of the island more than 1,000 people. Cat Ba island is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in 2004.

These days we came to Cat Ba island has seen open more community tours, eco and focused on tourism infrastructure: renovation of the transport system, hotels and restaurants to meet the increasing demand of tourists at home and abroad
On the island of Cat Ba, with the traditional sights like Lan Ha Bay, National Park, Cat Co beach, the Sunrise Resort Cat Co 3, the cave as cave Military Medicine, the Central Page, the Hoa Cuong, cave Thien Long, mangrove forests in Phu Long commune; Online community tourism, eco-communes in Hien Hao new, ancient villages Vietnam Hai, Xuan Dam and Pearl.

At Cat Ba town center has about 112 hotels and guest houses with 2,000 rooms, over 4,050 beds. Including 20 standard hotel 1 stars and above. Some properties equivalent standards of 3 stars or more, such as hotels Hollyday View, Sunrise Resort, Cat Ba Resort. The island has more than 30 restaurants and specialized business, which has 7 floating house.

Tourists to Cat Ba island has a wide selection of seafood dishes are prepared with local food sources such as grouper, snapper, shrimp, crab and squid especially three- Cat snout gastronomic cuisine typical of this emerald island.

Cultural values ​​and history of the island of Cat Ba is multiplied with a series of new projects completed this occasion as offering tourist port, a memorial to President Ho Chi Minh in Cat Ba town; information ferry Gia Luan – Tuan Chau; Cai Beo relic was recognized as a national monument.

Islands District to facilitate investors to implement the project luxury resorts Cat Co 2, resorts and mineral springs Xuan Dam, urban ecotourism Cai Gia, 9 hole golf course Xuan Dam …

Accordingly, the rich tourism potential, diversity, particularly value Biosphere Reserve Cat Ba archipelago world, MPAs are better exploited. And Cat Ba Island, an integral part of cultural heritage, nature Halong, UNESCO, increasingly attractive not only domestic tourists, but also international investors with many Large-scale projects have been implemented.

dramatic boat races

Along with basket boat racing, boat kai-accumulators, stilts performing arts, women’s beach volleyball …, sea dragon boat racing Trophy Haiphong newspaper make up the uniqueness of the festival 1-4. Come to Cat Ba fishing village festival, residents and visitors will witness fierce competition, dramatic and special appeal of dragon boat racing.

On Cat Ba Bay, the young lad, muscular tonic boat oars rhythmically pushing TB tape darting forward. This beautiful image became a symbol of the desire to conquer the seas, wished one year good weather, bumper fishing season.

Besides the racing team of Cat Hai district with a long tradition, racing with the participation of rowers from Yen Hung district (Quang Ninh) and the districts in the province as An Duong Hai Phong, Tien Lang and Thuy Nguyen , are well-known teams. This promises a fierce rivalry, drama on the track and contribute to the success and enhance the character of Cat Ba fishing village festival.

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