The rustic flavor in snails currie


White short noodles with bean sprouts, the fresh raw vegetables submerged in water color yellow constant waves, where you will enjoy to see the fat delicious coconut, curry and crispy chewy taste of snail. All of them would be spreaded everywhere from your tongue.

Referring to curry, diners can not forget the cuisine of India, Malaysia … However, in Vietnam, especially the western rivers, snail curry dishes not only bring domestic cuisine outside but kept simple definition of the countryside.

In the West, buildings usually occur during the rainy season, when water in copper flooded about ankle tattoo is at snail, snail squint head popping back up to make an “exodus” to safeguard the race. This is the time when the building is considered fat, sweet and delicious as possible. The snails are not difficult, you just need to bring your bucket or basket and grabbed them by hand.
Curry snail on our side a little because undergone many stages of processing, the new creation is the subtlety of the dish. First, snail caught on to the basin soaked with rice water or crushed chillies few horn nine to soak for several hours in order to release the screws out food in the intestines. Get scrub brush algae, mud snails and place in a pot with a few cloves crushed lemongrass north on the stove to boil for 15 minutes.

When the building was open grinding, cooked, use a sharp stick to the intestine officiate in flush with the lemon juice, wash with cold water several times to clean lubricant drain. Next, marinated snails gut with salt, sugar, flour, curry powder for about 10 minutes. North pan on stove for non-fragrant lemongrass, minced garlic and stir-fry for leach real gut.

Coconut juice and water squeezed peach, sliced ​​sweet potato pumpkin, cut crushed lemongrass, onion purple crushed to availability. Next, the coconut milk, sweet potato squash, lemongrass and screws into the pot boil until potatoes are cooked to the coconut milk and red onion on. Last tasting spices, reminds down, scoop out a bowl. Prepare extra noodle dish, dish plate vegetables … and more chilli lemon salt is enough.
Sipping each snail gut, feeling the fat, crispy aromatic and fleshy attachment where the tongue itself. Eat curry with noodles and hot real vegetables in the cool weather will feel very interesting. Diners west of the rainy season do not forget to take the time to enjoy this dish.

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