Cua Dai (Big Gate) Beach – pride of Hoi An


Cua Dai Beach is far from Hoi An ancient town about 5 km to the east which was honored as one of 25 most beautiful beaches in Asia with white sand dunes stretching, water and sunshine turquoise, it becomes easy to find tourist attraction and abroad.

Hoai river is a tributary of the Thu Bon River runs through Hoi An. With particular inhabitants and tourists in general, this river as inseparable symbol of the old town. Not only that, small river also associated with peaceful life of people living Hoi. Their main occupation is boating, taking tourists sightseeing.

The first impression of traveling tourists that Cua Dai beach waters are white sand stretches. Along the beach are the high-end resorts with many styles. Visitors can freely walk, swim at any location on the beach as you like …. The atmosphere at Cua Dai fresh and soothing, relaxed feeling, comfort for guests. Starting a new day, from the window of a sea resort, where you can catch the sunrise.

In the morning, visitors can be attracted immediately by the beauty of the sunrise, reflecting glitter down on the river, very sort lap and anxiety. If travelers take a boat on the Huai River in the afternoon, the experiences and emotions Another equally interesting.

Afternoon is the best time for visitors to immerse themselves in the cool blue sea. The waves pat, sandy beaches sparkling sunlight, the breeze carries the salty taste of the sea, you can lie for hours in the sand, or the people experience the favorite sport here. It is also enjoying ideal honeymoon for couples.

     At night, like a garden Cua Dai flower with hurricane lamps of peddlers. Locals free trade: fresh seafood, dried squid … affordable prices, just a few steps from the luxury resort. Sellers are very polite and always available Brass, guest Basketball clearing rubbish and tidy before leaving.

Each “desk” is a sand mats, top to one, two hurricane lamps to sit and enjoy seafood, watching the night sea. Friends gather together, eat chat seaside whispering waves, the breeze cool … interesting indeed.

In the distance, visible Danang’s brightly colored electric light … With its own definition, Cua Dai leave in the tourists an unforgettable feeling of leaving here.

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