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Thach Son commune, Son Dong district, Bac Giang province, all of them is far about 150km from Hanoi. Cao Dong was named “Sapa’s Bac Giang”, it impresses with the ancient stone shapes “bizarre”, forest and mountains, the sun moments to dispel the mist extractor strip lumbar Mountain.
Cao Dong cocoon where no next season, but you should avoid travel on rainy days and cloudy weather to have a good time playing the most convenient offline!

At the center of Son Dong Cao around 20km, if going from Hanoi, you can move along Highway 1 to the city of Bac Giang then turn on Son Dong district. Visit Dan Cam bridge, turn left through two communes Lamb Son, Phuc Thang and straight to Dong Cao. Go there you will take about 4 to 5 hours. This is also the time you get to experience the feeling to walk around the winding mountain slopes quite dangerous, and the steep side of the ravine.
Dong Cao is relatively unspoiled, tourism has not developed so you will have to prepare everything for the camp, such as food, water, blanket (for night quite cold), anti-insect grills, flashlight, rent tents, … Choose a place convenient for the construction of shelters, and wood burning fire you can buy people’s home at the foot of the mountain, the price range of 50 thousand pieces of a bundle.

Coming to Dong Cao, you can go and visit the ancient stone, sunrise dispel the scene the morning dew soaked buffaloes graze dew, explore the surrounding streams, … Points of the High Council the pristine purity of nature that few places have.
Binh Ba tourist destination is mentioned much in recent times. Be put into operation in about two years, Binh Ba retain their multiple looks pristine. Cam Binh Commune, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province, bordering Cam Ranh Bay, 15 km from Cam Ranh Bay to the east, Binh Ba quite favorable for traveling. Well stargazing nights camping, listening to the murmur of the sea clap, throw away noisy and the comforts of life, as cool, huh!
The rainy season in Binh Ba usually falls in September to May 12, move through the island is quite difficult, so you should avoid going Binh Ba at this time because it is not suitable for your camping trip.

You can go Binh Ba Ba Ngoi port. Binh Ba Ba Ngoi go from four flights (7h00, 10h00, 13h30, 16h00 and), reverse has four flights (5h00, 9h00, 12h30 and 16h30), the price per one-way is 25 to 30 thousand a people. You can also rent canoes if do not want to wait so long.
Binh Ba Island beautiful, romantic, blue water, sandy beaches. Binh Ba has 3 beaches: Beach Chướng, many stones, blue water, sun picked up; Bai Nom white sand, clean; Beach House Old nice, clean, but with thorns foot bridge where catch sundown. The most appropriate place for a tent as Bai Nom.
Infrastructure in Binh Ba was also quite spacious, so you do not have to worry much for camping. Tents can be rented at the island.

When traveling Binh Ba Island you should get up early sunrise, this is one of the islands earliest dawn in Vietnam. You can also hire or borrow the motorcycle ran up a hill, from the top may Binh Ba Island panoramic view, and 1 part of Cam Ranh Bay, visit the blockhouse some French colonial period. Overview of Binh Ba extremely great there!
Con Co island district in Quang Tri, Vietnam Cua way, Gio Linh district approximately 27km to the east. The rainy season here is from September to November, you should avoid going into it this time period!
Although not too far from land, but to the island, you’ll have to go by fishing vessels or naval vessels by here no dedicated passenger ship. And if you go with an estimated population of around 10 people who want to travel, you should actively go offline chartering, cost about 3 million of go and back.
Con’s trophy many years of fascinating leave. Going camping in Con Co not only for the purpose of sightseeing excursions, but also brought great experiences on the mountain river feat. Uncle Ho also gave Con two verses:

“Bloom Con win

Reviews for blown US aggressors “.

Con Co island still wild, and no electricity but solar power only play every other day, so you need to prepare full of essential items to go camping. You should also consult the people here about the safe campsite.
I had an experience that you can get this kind of black coral diving, of course, you have to prepare “kit” that! Alternatively, you can go up the lighthouse panoramic island, Ben Nghe visit, bathed in lots of Perfume River, …
Con Co generally very suitable for those who love adventure and a bit adventurous. Con Co Island’s pristine favorite places in recent times, when people tend to find in nature. Selection of Con Co island for camping also is not a bad idea, is not it!
Nam Du archipelago consists of 21 islands and islets, Ho Chi Minh City and 250km, 120km from Rach Gia city southwest. This is where travel services are not developed and still retain wild features inherent.

Want to go to Nam Du, you have to take the train from Rach Gia. Every day there is the high-speed train from 8am to 10pm from Rach Gia and from 10 am to 12:15 from Nam Du, round-trip fare is 440 thousand dong per person. Ships will dock at Hon Lon Island.
You need to prepare fully for their camp. Tent you can rent for about $ 40 thousand a person, and also to rent beach with a $ 30 thousand. Hon Dau is suitable campsite because of wide sandy beaches and coconut dreaming
Nam Du has a lot to discover. You can take the train to visit these beautiful islands. Remember to motion sickness medications and carry lifejackets when it please! Cuisine here is very great, such as grilled fish bone green bananas, ginger steamed squid eggs, cobia sour soup, dried fish, …
The rainy season here is from April to November, so it’s best to go camping from December to March next year.

A few notes on a camping trip:

– Be sure to watch carefully as the weather before deciding to leave.

– Do not leave garbage or anything that is not inherent in the campsite.

– For camping in the relatively unspoiled places should be prepared to play nightlife to help dull.

– You should be prepared to complete their own sleeping bags, blankets, thin jacket, hat and socks, hat, glasses for seafarers, torch, raincoat, umbrella, medications and insect bites mosquito, the type antipyretics, headache, diarrhea, assorted bandages to actively aid in the circumstances.

Finally, if you chose yourself a suitable campsite then “roll up their sleeves” and come prepared! Mytour wish you a happy holiday and exciting as well as having lots commemorate offline!

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