Dubai – My big surprise for the impossible trip


For me, to save up a huge of money to visit Dubai to play a whole trip is so impossible … because I like to go to the capital only cheap place, the low-cost country, where I can spend money style I backpack. Yet there is also grace, the grace started the trip from Russia, as contemplated purchase of airline tickets home country to go but fares are higher than in the Emirates a much lower cost compared to other carriers & on time it is the cheapest point so book soon Emirates & wandering on its website see the transit service 96 hours in Dubai … rứa are blindly putting foot whip always a trip “camel riding flower viewing” in the land of oil to try it rich as to the size scale.

Instead of having to purchase separate tickets to Dubai, then if you are planning to go somewhere with its transit Emirates in Dubai, this is the opportunity to visit Dubai without spending money on airline tickets. Do not know this program for how long, but now the service has 96 hours of Dubai is an option cost savings for those who want to visit this place a convenient short days. In my opinion, you should spend at least 2-3 days to wander said it rich this country & strange how so as book tickets, you remember not the time to stay in Dubai for 2-3 days or maximum 4 days by the program only for a maximum of 96 hours visa to stay in the United Arab Emirates nhatt system causing this very curious.

Everything is simple, after the completion time & buy tickets, you contact the office at Saigon Emirates to them help you book the hotel, this division of Emirates will send you the link of countless hotels for you comfortable options, from cheap to expensive … What size but also not so cheap as other countries! Once selected, they will book a room at the request of your choice and then you are asked to email the card image, copy your passport for them as well as the room charge, visa fees by credit card or money face … then wait a few days later, they will send you confirm visa, book the room via email you give them. You simply print out & wait days … stop by Arabs said as me:

Go to Dubai airport, prior to immigration clearance counters, knives sapwood search needless also had a partner who is Arabian Adventures Emirates jam waiting tables you name it. Their reception desk just in front of the Immigration area. They will shuttle you, bring you an information pack including hotel bookings have book, set about their company than you want to book a tour to play in Dubai could go through their tour with the information they will pick up you from the hotel to the airport on the day you leave Dubai … Then after you complete entry procedures [must recognize that immigration procedures in Dubai do very quickly, clamp visa you receive confirmation sheet printed on given their passport, less than a minute they finished scanning your passport is stamped so-bup the mainland, make it rich countries spend genuine fast processing computer must J] come out ahead baggage, there’s people Arabian Adventures waiting pour into your car to the hotel … and done, wear jewelry that dissipated explore wealthy country.

Since I came to Dubai in the early morning after the arrival, the newer 8am flight not too long after the great service of Emirates [take firm captured nostalgic dining chair always tired kaka]. Baggage, hand washing is finished ask the way to play immediately. You can buy online the Arabian Adventures tour before or purchase a tour from the hotel’s tours desk. I had three days in Dubai, the first day from 9:30 to 4 pm I Hop On Hop according Off ticket bought this bus that went up and down views of the city of Dubai. Hop On Hop Off bus which is in Dubai to go through all the places to visit Dubai. Just sit in the car, the eye sight, ear hears notes they gave her headphones despite the heat over 40 degrees against your face … just like to place it down like down other players and pick up the car go forward. So tired, it had little to the mall to stay cool little freezer and go … In the afternoon, the start comes 4h tour by car landcruiser desert. To me, this is the best tour I enjoyed the day in Arabic. First time to enjoy the desert on off road vehicles run down already so inclined. Generally, those who say the car will not fit because it runs shaking too, have a great time going to rollover to the place … but has immensely. Experience superb coral burning desert was the most memorable memories of me in those days had hastily Arab Emirates this uniform. Night fell, the car stopped in the desert camp for dinner, ride a camel, watching belly dance, fire dance … & then returned over 9 hotels.

The next day, I bought tours to Abi Dhabi, its headquarters here Ethihad rich is also the capital of the UAE. If Dubai at the trees, rich with tourist services, the Abu Dhabi has a lot of trees & rich with oil smoke, smoke gas to sell. Also the towering stairs, but also supercars everywhere biggest differences here with Dubai as they grow more trees. On the way from Dubai to go in Abu Dhabi, the driver showed me the boundaries of this zone are two different colors of plastic paved the road. In Abu Dhabi territory, asphalt color color dusk while in Dubai, the color common ground as in his own country. Abu Dhabi is known for towers of airline Ethihad where filming Fast 7 flying car scene from the other tower to tower as well as a very beautiful artificial beach to contemplate not only to shower … or mosques in top of the mosque to Nhut continent & Ferrari World to showcase big car & there are countless thrills games here with high admission prices. Generally, Abu Dhabi go to know how, but I found this place quite boring … something is infected, everything is loud and majestic elegance, the result is not ashamed to wealthy countries can spend Nhut planet.

Late afternoon I returned to Dubai, Dubai Mall go RUC had legs without end then considered country music and features the world’s tallest tower go Burj Khalifa Dubai watching from above but unfortunately money Gift for saving money over for dinner soul. Wander was born, I took the train to the station near my hotel in Nhut and then walk back. The next day, I did not buy any more tours that leave the day wandering poor houses near my hotel. Wandering this place can see there is a far cry from Dubai Dubai’s luxury hotels, of the skyscrapers, the shopping mall full of designer labels or shop jewels gold silver & gold flooded the streets overflow super car to the other. Where I wandered the streets of the migrants, of those engaged in manual labor from poor countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka … & had plenty of his Vietnam workers to do construction here , welders, iron … They are living in the old-style apartment complex, they trade, working under the hot sun’s harsh desert land pretty hard but as a living, so they have to try to work. Dubai’s last day I wander caused her heart to shrink too see how unfair life too … but seeing the happy smile fun of Vietnam expatriate workers when I asked them that life here how they reply with very amusing attitude is used to it & make more money at home would make me happy.

That’s it, curious & had enlisted country’s rich countries United Arab Emirates said rứa alone but this is not the place where I want to turn out would not write much. Just wanted to share some information for those who want to stop by the Arab-style “by the way” as I … Every one a hobby, each person each different type of experience. Every advantage that goes, what is very interesting, maybe you find something interesting here is why … Do not thinking much, just carrying backpacks, handbags, suitcases, was torn up & go if healthy … maybe, the world around us huge & very interesting things are waiting for you to discover. Gone are go!

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