Going through the forest to explore the beauty of Phu Quoc “Tranh” Stream


Phu Quoc is known as the jewel in the sky islands Nam Fatherland. Every year local and foreign visitors to Phu Quoc just sightseeing, just to relax, bath, fishing, night squid fishing, hunting pinch, snorkeling and tours incredibly exciting picnic . In including the camping trip through the forest and explore its owned streams.
Suoi Tranh is a beautiful and romantic streams located on the route of Duong Dong – Ham Ninh, Duong To commune, Duong Dong town 9 km. This stream is captured from flowing source of Ham Ninh mountain with many small canyons from the top down and form a confluent flow nestled under the forest canopy, stone aggregate. Discover Tranh stream along the length of about 15 kilometers, you will find it has a natural scenery stunning, especially in the rainy season.
Although diurnal picturesque stream flowing water, but always gentle, soft, graceful bends inside the rocks, stumps and side branch flowers floral purple forest, pure and pristine, beautiful countryside as a picture rustic, serene. Explore along the banks of the stream, we see almost everywhere aqua paint delicate period and the romance has attracted tourists. Maybe so, but new painting stream called reasonable?
From the foothills of pouring upwards, left a trail winding, zigzag, just wide enough for two people holding hands walking and listening, murmuring streams along language, taciturn as self ancient echoes. Explore along the banks of streams Paintings This trail is full of ancient moss, dense foliage on trees with many old original ancient, twisted, modern style and a waterfall that leads down like bonsai art works made pedestrian gets higher as the RA examination many amazing things.
Locals also found on this Tranh stream many rare species like freshwater catfish and eels. Also, where there are caves about dark, monstrous trees and rocks like those “rustic period” and “piles” is nestled between the paint and cup dark place.
Besides the perennial trees obscure passages, his inert rocks and sunshine, spring painting also has a very diverse flora, especially orchids, forest flowers and vines twisted embrace the old trunk, spindly like a masterpiece of nature. Tourists come here not only to admire the beauty of lofty trees, streams of white, billowing, splashed, but also can enjoy the cicada banks, forest birds chirping along with the spring air whispering created an endless love song makes everyone also inspiring and satisfying tour through the forest to discover this place.
Leaving Tranh stream, continue weaving between the road and the sun flowers are green, clean air, quiet, one feels in the human body is refreshing, soothing, rejuvenating the soul as, all sorrows and worries disappear. A friend traveling with the delegation explored through forests and streams because of the storm, about to land that still lingers forever in the hearts of the mountains aftertaste, of gentle streams and dreamy paintings.

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