“Xíu” Sticky Steam Rice & Roasting Beef Noodle (Phở) – A specialties of Nam Đinh


We could see a bowl of fresh and nice sticky steam-rice that be dotted with sticky pads char siu, sausage and gravy strange taste or sautéed beef noodle soup. They are the famous dishes you should try to come into the Nam Dinh city.

Visit Nam Dinh, do a warm belly with dishes priced between 15.000-30.000 Vnd.

Xíu Sticky Steam Rice


Visitors to Nam Dinh often enjoy the dishes away by hearing the name has seen little strange and very unique taste.

Flung tiny include white sticky glutinous rice from plastic toys to grain very soft fragrant, shiny. Sticky rice is served with barbecue pork, sausage and indispensable sauce fragrant with strong pungent taste of pepper.
A bowl of sticky rice is served still steaming, and the white color of the plastic particles are sticky pink sausage, slices of barbecue pork lean and tender. You simply mix the bowl away, feeling fragrant aroma of sticky, sweet taste of stewed pork melted in your mouth tender.

A bowl of sticky rice in the morning or evening wandering the South is enough to make you warm belly, VND15,000 a bowl. You can find food in some shops on Hang Iron, Hoang Van Thu …

Roasting beef Noodles

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Referring to Nam Dinh, tourists remember tasty traditional beef pho famous. This dish has followed the children to Australia to all over the country, but only if the soil produce this dish, will you feel the distinctions that unmistakable.

If you look a little to see in Nam Dinh thread noodles small and smoother. The steak was sliced, into the bowl before being fried fragrant, tasty. It is especially made that weird noodle soup is the secret broth prepared with sweet, charming.

Many to Nam Dinh also find food by pho beef is sautéed Donated by instruments very own cooking. Beef is sautéed with vegetables and tomatoes and some spices out prior to release unconsolidated, making you feel very strange position.

Guests can enjoy the sticky rice at Hai Ba Trung Street, Dien Bien, sauté beef noodle at Hang Room with the prices from 25.000-30.000 VND.

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