Egg of flying fish salad – the smell of the immense sea


When You are putting a pieces of raw fish into your mouth, you will feel as snoring, fleshy fat of fish eggs in sweet blend of shrimp, crispy onion of domestic and sweet and sour mix.

Fish flying fish is the rustic, often have much in the Central region. Flying fish, although many bones but fragrant meat, especially eggs eat very fleshy, daily. With a sea of ​​people, flying fish eggs are classified as specialty, seasonal only.

Woman central institutions have a lot of fish delicacies, especially to mention caviar salad, crispy eating that special flavor. To make egg salad very picky, need a lot of material. Flying fish intestines clean and dry, prepared flying fish eggs, hotcakes, bacon, roasted peanuts and onions and some herbs. Many people are more variations with banana flowers, onions, cucumber …

Eggs are washed and boiled with a bit of ginger. Freshly steamed shrimp peeled and thinly sliced. Bellies boiled and then move only. The types of vegetables like cucumber, onion, papaya is chopped, depending on the processing julienne of each person.
All are mixed in with a bit of spice to the leach. When laid out the disc, one new for mixed drinks including dipping sauce with garlic, chilli, lemon sugar. Fish sauce is mixed critical components make up the appetite for flying fish salad, which was very bold challenge, just mouth.

After mix all the ingredients, it is sprinkled on the top few crushed roasted peanuts, a bit of onion has non-fragrant, yellow cumbersome and little coriander, look very nice. Diners will be impressed when flying fish salad is served with white beans tiny eggs, and in view of shrimp red, green color of the vegetables, points to the cumbersome yellow onion, very interesting.

If to central Quang Tri, Da Nang, Binh Dinh … you remember looking enjoy flying fish egg salad, rice paper served with water. No need to go to the new luxury restaurant can enjoy, coastal residents often long distances by entertaining this dish. You can also buy eggs on homemade flying fish with 300,000 VND per kg.

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