Germany Travel Tips on 2016 summer


Germany is a famously country in the world with the cultural heritage of mankind, there’re a lot of magnificent castle and the unique street festival. When visiting Germany you can enjoy the world-famous cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt … with German travel experience fully, details which we share below will give you a tour of Germany entirety.

1. How to get the Visa

Here’re some importance things

01 Visa application form embassy information filled in, signed and photograph.

 01 original and 01 copies of valid passports from visa valid for 6 months.

 03 4 × 6 photos recently taken, bare head, white background

 01 original and 01 copies of the guarantee in the form of uniform federal Department of Alien. 01 copies of passport and residence permit of the host if he does not have German citizenship.

 01 original and 01 copies of financial documentation, such as the red book, passbook, certificate of registration, the balance in your bank account, payroll …

Other papers such as round-trip airline tickets, tour schedules, hotel bookings …

 Travel health insurance with a responsible> 30000 Euro and is valid for all Schengen countries.

2 Tips on choosing the time to travel to Germany

Germany’s climate is largely quite low temperatures, especially in winter and spring, the temperature was -6 degrees Celsius from about 1.5 degrees C. Thus according to German travel experience,  you should avoid two this seasons.

Germany’s most beautiful tourist season is in July, the temperature is around 18 degrees C in 20 ° C, this is also the time of many German festivals.

3 Transportation in Germany

Trams and buses: If you travel around the city, this is a good means of transport in Germany. However there is a note when using public transport in Germany is that if you place the rural areas, the service will not be as good as in the city.

Car: If you are over 25 years old and have a driving license and an international payment card with a large amount of money, you can hire self-drive cars. A note when renting cars in Germany that you should know is that you should check the status of the car to avoid controversy when returning the car.

According to German travel experience is your safest not to walk on the bike lanes, if unfortunately you’ll be shouted foul words very seriously, since you are a tourist. Besides, you do not get a ride, because that is the danger that you did not anticipate.

The ATM system is always active and is present everywhere, so you can completely be assured. Some Visa Card, Master Card and American Express are also some places accept payments but will cost extra fees.

For Germany the perfect trip, then the selection of cheap motels and the quality is also very important. According to booking cheap experience when traveling abroad, you should make a reservation online on websites including, …

4 Some cheap hotels in Germany you should refer to:

Rixpack Hostel: Karl-Marx-Str. 7512043, Neukölln, Berlin.

Room rate per night: $ 11. This is a collective holiday cottages, if you go, you can stay busy here. This resort also offers a full range of devices such as wifi minimum, and telephone. It is close to the center of Berlin so you can easily visit famous places.

 A & O Hotel und Hostel: This is a hotel chain available in many cities of Germany.

Price per night for single bed is $ 60. This is a 2-star hotel, is full of utility services will assist guests with a reasonable accommodation after a tiring day. If cost allows you to choose this hotel for rest.

Smart Stay Hotel Frankfurt: Niddastr. 45-47, Central Station, Frankfurt am Main

Room rates per night for 19 USD – 46 USD. This is a cheap hotel in the city of Frankfurt in Germany. If you landed at Frankfurt airport, the rest of this hotel is very convenient and suitable. With moderate prices, then this hotel is for you to meet the full range of needs.

Also you can access additional motels, cheap hotels in Germany on agoda for more appropriate choice when traveling in Germany.

Tourists attractions in Germany

Berlin: As the capital of Germany, has tremendous historical significance here thus marking the historic structures such as monuments, museums, temples and vibrant parks.

Munich: Net ancient architecture mixed with modern is typical where a rich culture. It is also the origin of the world famous festival Oktoberfest. This is one of the attractive tourist spots Germany international tourism.

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