Gone to the U Minh Ha forest


Maybe I have got more time to visit Ca Mau, even been to the farthest place in “Perfume Ca Mau forest” by Son Nam that is “Cu Tron located between the Gulf of Siam”. Well, in the fact that I’ve never once in my life to visit the U Minh Ha forest, as well as his pity is genuine western population. So, the last days of this year, and carrying a backpack down on a trip Miet Thursday, after several delays.

Men under forest cover

Despite months prior appointment with the farmer in the cooperative 19/5, Nguyen Plugs commune, U Minh district; but due to Ca Mau City to address a few clues territory for sure, so that plucking wealth to U Minh Ha and still clumsy Russian slang.

Fortunately, there are brothers in U Minh Ha National Park, waiting outside the gate of the forest (Vo Doi Village, Tran Hoi Commune, Tran Van Thoi- Mau district). Surprised, thought to a difficult forest, one shy … on motorcycle run marched product on paved roads delectable. Guide us as His Father and His career-room staff Ecotourism and Environmental Education. Having little bit disappointed, because this type of forest wealth was “quieter” than the new rural road, then nothing is interesting to discover the forest land of the South.
But only about twenty minutes of he Linh said, “Slow down! Those you see anything in front of the hips? “Lake, a mother monkeys, monkey was even Choe, run full of sugar wriggling. Just shy people find them better ball tree, led rope rushed then disappeared.

We continue to drill into the jungle, it was late afternoon sun slanting through the high mangrove loss is higher body covered vegetable grower, as if the giant marker, creating shapes both beautiful and eerie, mysterious. Soon, it stops to pick also where tourists go sightseeing interest cover, alongside with 24m-high observation tower. From here can be closer eye covers the entire forest. Just off season, so vast is still silky indigo blue floral untouched. This is the core of the entire forest area which U Minh Ha forest are fairly strict protection to conserve the flora and fauna of forest on peat land, serve the scientific research; preserve the environment …

Standing on the observation deck listening to explanations, and to cover interest, “go take” a tour, just a tour for visitors. But to experience something “cool” of U Minh forest land, we must look to a … line other- Nguyen Tan Communications (45) – Head of the Department of Science and International Cooperation, a person Scientists do love exotic forest, with very serious character work, but are “brushed” real life.

“Hunting” deer in the forest late

Go deep into the jungle a few more kilometers. At a ranger station, saw him dive Drop Cable is shambled economic bottom line as dew dark black watercolor Sao characteristic of U Minh Ha forest affected by the seams of peat. Argument few shells clean water, wet torso mem, he sunk underground Communications Chat.

British television we immediately attracted the first sentence, then quick “closed” one question … could not resist: “If you like, tonight I led into the jungle … deer hunting.” So we have to cancel the appointment of sleep between forests and farmers of the cooperative 19/5, and the day after canceled flights are always wandering in the woods, U Minh Thuong. That night, as he transmit “hunt” deer in the forest late at night.
Speaking go “hunting” for it … dread, really even go spy out the water berths deer often out to dinner. True 19-hour 30, we derived the feeling both nervous and excited, with a hint … Select. Night fell, and the wind blowing slightly cool forests, but walk a little is seen sweating already, but was tired leg here and there is also “no traffic stop nghen game!” – Revelation warns. It is true that specific stand is very mosquito bu. Khai was very young, he was rookie of Communications but very “bear wear and gambler” in the field trip hike.

While we eagerly straining to find deer, and he then kept immersed Communications under the story of the “satyr”, about the “giant snake swallowing his ferrets, monkeys and even wild boar.” Going between says deserted forest, excluding expenses hear those things … “cold sweat candidates back”.

About 21 hours, we came to have a very beautiful tree ancient Gua, he shed light Communication skills up trees, then continued solid terrible story. In the past, there belvedere but since the brothers rangers online overnight saw huge clouds cobra monkey gulp, then ending up always. According to Tradition, the snake a few dozen very good sign, eye and head size chopsticks, while snakes that day caught red eyes recessed lights sized marbles, then think what regarded it big coward!

What about someone having the big snake eyes I have not as bowls, sign smooth slithering like pulling the canoe 6 o … sounds a myth, weaving. But you Communications shall collect all again. Why? When out of the woods will understand. Now it is about “hunting” deer.

While on the way, he met some ranger said, “Nai in this forest remaining commands”. According to him, the only Zone 3 Communications alone he counted no less than 100 yard deer, wading out as not yet in sight “golden deer bewildered” is.
That’s because the rainy season ends, so in many puddles forest still standing, while we do not cut the forest, but just go along the canal hedge. Only dry season, deer herd pull out pair canals to the wharf to eat night and drink, then wear jewelry that photograph.

After a few times, “a vow heart valve”, after more than 3 hours of hiking ten kilometers, we also meet a mobile red eyes slightly concave on the other side of the shore. Unfortunately, poor lighting, so the deer do not look light but looked a bit then vanished into the night. Just make tongue walked another while, catching eyes very bright on the trees, he told television that the civet.

It was nearly 23 hours, we have to go home now, although not harvested as standard, but also a memorable experience between U Minh Ha forest.


“As to the festival not all about U Minh”

Of course, he met our little television was his “Unveiled” is just discovered a new bird species in the Red Data Book, about 7- 8 individual Java deals pulled chicken on the construction of U Minh Ha forest nest. But right through the New Year, when they were spawning and “resilient forest,” he put into view.
A scientific research project more interesting, he is working with the Institute of Tropical Biology in Ho Chi Minh City, to explain why silver langur specialist living in karst ecosystem, migrating down the mangrove forest This special use … and hundreds of questions of great mystery of thousands, drew him as a loan, as an unconditional love.

Therefore, in addition to the daily work in the forest, there are at midnight he was wandering in the woods alone. Just to answer the biggest question of his life: “satyr” – cobra and cobra cloud is a kind or two kinds? Therefore, he must combine scientific evidence and anecdotal folk, including things like “Uncle Ba Phi” he seek to collect.

That was fate, so he can make your television with lumberjack wing. Also thanks to that, we are present is a time legends of U Minh Ha forest, be they “open up” about the life and death moments when facing wildlife and spiritual things off Hunters, without everyone must understand. But that’s the story, but we will come back on another occasion so.

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