Visit to the Western South of Vietnam to enjoy some of exotic specialties


In the Western South of Vietnam there are some exotic specialties which is needless spicy which is be marinated picky, It is just got a hold tinder straw or dry leaves could be produced a fragrant dishes such as the grilled rainbow water snake and the grilled hamster with tofu.

Southern region favored by nature should have more produce to create delicious dishes but not travelers always brave enough to enjoy.

Grilled rainbow water snake

Just come flooding season, from August to October, snakes in the western developed rapidly. On the rivers, canals, solid abundant food source big rapid, obese and people easily caught.

There are many types of snakes can be processed into delicious dishes like green bean porridge, stewed papaya, fried lentils … but the most simple is the grilled rainbow water snake. This is a very rustic barbecue and facilities where people can eat it.
Go west, you can catch sight of the men after a solid day barbecue pit sitting under the bamboo stem, dust elected brooch … casing dry grass or firewood, straw burning for fire broke out Throw a couple of snakes lilies caught under watercourses. Meet little hot fire, crouched and extracting solid all scales. The quick grilled skewers used for solid flipped through nine are, not scorched. Roasted cracked snake skin, subtly fragrant.

When eating just set up aboard banana leaves, scraping the shell, break small pieces, remove the intestines and dotted with salt and chilli, fish laksa leaves or lettuce. Grilled snake meat has maintained kitchen smoke, aromatic sweetness adhered meat in salty, spicy chili salt, aromatic lettuce. Today, solid dishes are also included in the menu of the restaurant, guests can easily enjoy. Price per kilogram snake around 50000-100000 VND.

Mouse grilled tofu

When the rice fields start harvest mouse was then often appear. They live mainly on rice should be very clean meat, fat and sure. People often burrow, trapping or just smoked at home, afraid of mice that ran out, easily caught.

To make the mouse grilled tofu, people thui or mouse skin stripped, cut into pieces marinated and unstable, which is available lemongrass, chilli, garlic, seasoning, sauce for about 30 minutes to saturate all spices.
Meat grilled rats up reservoir about 20 minutes. When fragrant meat complex, cumbersome is the time ripe gold. Mice sauce served with grilled tofu or soy perturbed beams peppers, okra and roasted used, raw vegetables. Not diners always brave enough to eat the mouse, but once you try to feel the sweet, chewy sure as chicken and very little fat, the aroma of this dish.

Save voles are now not only rustic dishes that become specialty in the restaurant, food everywhere and easy to enjoy while in the West. The price of a disk about 120,000 dong

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