Hanoi held me back by the familiar street vendors


My friend often lamented to me about their loneliness. He screamed wildly sometimes by his text message or a status on Yahoo Messenger. It’s strange that he is a successful guy, he was surrounded by a crowd animator of Saigon. But everytime we met, he lamented again and again. He told that he became afraid of some meeting with more than four people. He told me about the emptiness, with the sight of a dead fish can dry even when it is living in the ocean. Perhaps, now he has learned about his death to dry when around him is immense, surrounded by water.

Unlike him, I do not throw myself into the crowd and I did not wish to be liberated from the everyday moments of solitude. One of unrealistic if I do not want to say that is meaningless. I think that the loneliness is not a form of sadness, which can alleviate every share. I repeat it to him in order to debate the most humorous manner. Get a pout, sure, you’re in Hanoi reliable, “Let’s You try it like me to far away it.

I’ve never leaving Hanoi for once like him. A Truly Far, even at a long distance, even a lifetime, enough to fill the longing to come back, even for a quick couple of times. So is not “dead”. So far only “wet dying” here. For me, Hanoi like a kitchen full of color antiquated and sarcasm. I like myself “processing” of his loneliness in her kitchen, with separate living spices, in particular ways.

My Hanoi on the afternoon monsoon. I climb on the Dinh Caffee alone. Perching on a private small balcony for overlooking to Sword Lake. I chew mints and get the cold spring water. A big gulp of rushing into the throat, then swallow slowly. The body was about to freeze open. Neck sweat because spicy, cold vapor permeable gut burning slowly in each. Trembling as if first encountered someone sent by hand in his jacket pocket. Now occasionally still have crazy ideas of the open service “walk hug” around the Lake, free items in his jacket pocket hand warmers. Promotional add the Trang Tien ice cream anymore. Trang Tien winter, no crowds, no pushing and easily get an ice cream scented nuggets. Sucked in fear, not knowing his khirang will fall out of favor among under 10-degree weather. Fortunately that It never yet!

Hanoi rushed to me the night of the winter, the city was deserted and flickering lights. North Wind as wool both in the collar. Interesting than she proudly sit by the stove sat a row of rolls open late, a certain corner of the old neighborhood. Diners is just only me, They serving only me. Do not take a second to wait, do not have to frowning and moody buzz. Any rolling Pancake has finished making is to be eaten immediately. The seller do not need to ask her diners how much he need, She just look at my gesture was enough to pick up the cake to know when I intend to stop. Until I really hot all my body and satisfying.

Hanoi and I the dark rainy summer. Acceptance of distressed wood chair in Coffee at Hàng Cá street which is a black cup sugar. The guy nestled inside me besides rain eaves, while fenced barrier, the splatters. When someday lucky it just be alone and could occupy the whole corner just inside wooden staircase entrance. Listen to the rain and drop the mind empty. Wind vicious chair is already in pleasure as help dispel negativity everything in day. I do not smoke, but the smell of cigarette butts pleasure, smell just really exciting to be adhered to in smoke Coffee radiating up from a small coffee pot. Fortunately, that’s no addiction because of missing the chip.

Hanoi seduce me amnesty sidewalk stalls. So small, It unskilled and often only serve one type of food. I often go to Hoa Ma Street. That’s as a nice pub, the beauty of the rustic. Scattered of food and very little of visitors. The menu only beef, cow hooves, oxtail, banana flower salad with beef, roasted peanuts … and some other miscellaneous stuff from … Beef. When I got headache, I often choose soy ginger with cow hooves dish. Sitting confined and only dare to drink three little cups of rice wine as small as the jackfruit seed It’s such as life. When It’s soft, long time, no additional fat is not. Otherwise homemade condiment to put to wipe up it is true that hard to swallow. Sometimes bland find themselves, I reminded myself by biting double red peppers the air. Spicy shredded brain.

People are afraid to go alone snack, especially open restaurant eating. I do not. Very willing to eat open row, regardless morning noon evening. Most interesting is eating beef noodle morning Hang Dong. Alone loose inside a cluttered space, despite the bartender yelling, staff prepare millet haste, my self-aligned to get chopsticks spoon, vinegar peppers. Never open up the water line had barely blanched noodles boiling. It had perturbed cake with gravy. Thereby hot noodle soup fragrant and permeable than it should. The first slice of meat will not dry the surface. The first ladle broth teeming mild taste noodle bar. I seem to be courted and sought to xun xoe bartender asked how water, light salt are, what your missing. The feeling is imposing palate for the next hundred new people how interesting.

Afternoon alone the street, I want to bike around the Temple of Literature. Stopped on the sea, “Ha Ma”, mumbled why they are not peeled asphalt domes front go flat. To reveal the path of the old bluestone. For each time through it, I filtered piles, piles filter. Has gradually rare popcorn row. Was to bring popcorn each time determined to get into Khue Van shelter and admire the stone tortoises? The time does not make the popcorn, I often turn around and do another round of Long Bien bridge. Enjoy the sunset, that nude beach is less, but to buy corn Among the many beaches. First glutinous corn, pineapple and milk premature snap. Bring to boil and drop in the red fire of charcoal here? Neither, I brought courtesy neighbors. Closing the book and wait knock. Later, someone could call my ball and held out the plate protected corn is finished, the cup is not?

Hanoi in the Sunday I was there in peace. Sitting reading a newspaper and drinking tea garden in the corner Classified Hang Dau, I wait for the open row sidewalk haircut. Essence only be the first guest. Relax extreme follow each flap pull hair crackling and falling sidewalk. Well, yeah, like to relay to question the story of Uncle headless barber not chopsticks. I rarely closes his eyes as the barber. Enjoy seeing the world through the mirror opposite. Thảng or squint also imagine that there is somebody, coarse linen cloth hot shoe and hand-embroidered cotton shirt. He stopped, rear, and help me count helps the small scar on his head. The thing that I can not look.

Imagine amusing himself, because I still have scars on their own count grope. In lonely? No, for pleasure instead. Kids close to home also begged my time with morning fitness run for fun. Along running up Ba Dinh Square and participate Flag Ceremony at six o’clock in the morning. Of course I refused. Because I’m lazy fitness and because loneliness is pleasure that I would like rodents every day.

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