Lang Co Bay – The Beauty for every breath


Lang Co Bay City and Danang than 25km to the north, is the first stop in Hue, just a greeting graceful city of dreaming …

Lang Co Beach was very clear, is gentle, stretching about 10km, from Lang Co Town, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien – Hue, close to National Highway 1A, near the Hai Van Pass. Lang romantic with white sand, blue sea, blue air of the mountains. This bay is the 30th member of the club “The most beautiful bays in the world” by 2009.
To Lang by motorbike, hear the sea breeze made by bouts on the same street winding Hai Van pass more adventurous tourists choose. Although the Hai Van Pass Tunnel completed long, safe, fast but apparently not enough to seduce the adventurous soul. By going “phượt” via the Hai Van Pass can enjoy the spectacular scenery, spectacular, and especially admire Lang Co bay from on high passes dreamy windy.

The first comments about Lang came from nostrils, stormed straight into the nose purity of sea breezes. At this point everyone is strained chest deep breath, very greedy healthy atmosphere in, shrugging off the noisy, dusty town.

After the stretch of road winding Hai Van Pass to creepy, Lang “burst open” in the eye with color blue sea, golden sand sloping, red tiled roofs stand out from the mist cork fragile bay Near midday sea, bobbing fishing boat, and surf rock was never strong, so seductive.
Influenced by early October storm one day, Lang still wild, carefree and beautiful as a poem … Bay sea located just a prime location in the central Strait, there must therefore it also owns The most beautiful curves? Soft curves of the sandy coastal strip stamping intermittently moving with the waves made the glances from Hai Van agencies can not leave.

Rail winding strait embrace Plus Pass and under the bay sandbar creates interesting curves. Watching the train was rolling through here footsteps, patience Pass embrace new turning left off the beauty of harmony between nature and the human element belongs. Lang wild imprint of human presence here is not too intense to go the tie break and poetic that nature presents. And as long as factory chimneys, the resort has not won overwhelming the muse Lang remains that visitors are constantly captivated.

Somebody had said the sexiest curves are curves of radiant smile. Arriving in coastal areas to see Lang smile, smell fresh and salty sea levels. The people live a rustic fishing the surf, away from the urban bustle, the free hospitality desk. Wander all day chasing the beautiful scenery, the sea makes us crave salty skin away a cup of tea. Knowing where to find cool sip of water between four immense surface waves if not from the heart a person Hue mệ nets and soft mouth: “Now go rứa tissue? Tea here that “. Bat sweet tea as Hue accent, according to my taste forever. The “curve” Lang enchanted us one, the seductive smile Lang us to ten is.
Situated between a diverters acres of the massif and stretches to the sea, the Hai Van Pass one end, the other end is the Phu Gia, Lang possesses stunning sand dunes under the green canopy seasons. To Lang in season will also be the personal magnetism. Summer, Lang is a haven from the sun, balmy atmosphere thanks to dispel the sun burning sea, seemed the droplets mixed in space, and more relaxed. While the central strip is a scapegoat by “pan fire” burning the temperate climate Lang at 25-26 degrees. In the late autumn day, Lang immersed in mist, that visitors overwhelmed, seemed not daring to breathe, reside just one breath will vanish like smoke haze fragile are covered. Afternoon, flocks of white storks fly filling the air pulled together on Lap An lagoon area looking for a place to sleep to make up a sketch ink style.

Recently, the available terrain located near Ecotourism Bach Ma National Park, Lang has become an attractive destination when combined space of pristine mountain forests and the region’s bustling lifestyle many ships passing sea. Fisherman lifestyle here is a natural attraction for tourists adventurous locals living definition.

Most visitors come to Lang are favorite hobbies like fishing, diving and trekking through the forest. Feeling immersed in nature and fisherman life, combining the activities limbs, hiking, swimming, exploring the majestic mountains … nothing cheery by! Small and peaceful town gives visitors great leisure time and many games tied to the sea. Also, guests can enjoy seafood dishes and you visited some beautiful scenery as Chan, Lang Co fishing village near the beach.

Lang Co fishing village which is a lagoon so this population living mainly by fishing, aquaculture and tourism services. With characteristics between brackish lagoon and easy breeding saltwater seafood species like lobster, prawns, shrimp, silver, prawns, shrimp mottled, ground shrimp, crabs, cockles, oysters … Especially oysters in Lang Co salty sweet taste tasty fat intermixing your very own leopard. Oysters as a commodity that nature generously bestowed Lang Co fishing village for a long bay. Guests from afar to enjoy this dot pork boiled shrimp sauce sour kind, oyster sauce, accompanied by all sorts of herbs, “delicious to the last morsel.” The best gourmet travelers must agree to eat seafood in Lang Co, the “right tone” to know.

To Lang once for feeling overwhelmed by nature, beautiful landscape makes it stood stock still, not wanting to leave. Would be lucky if admire a sunset on the bay. Feeling relaxed to each small cell, still eyes were invisible suction from picture wearing Lang wraps. Sunny encroaching darkness gave way to, only few rays are absorbed roam, adorn little pink sea water. Beautiful scenery makes verbal and Praise become impotent. And it split as a reminder we are really living, because perhaps “Life is not measured by the breaths that measured by the places and moments make you hold your breath,” How!

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