LIM Festival


Lim festival is a major festival in early spring Beijing region was held from 12th to 14th January every year, Tien Du district, Bac Ninh province. There is the theory that originated from Assembly Lim Pagoda Festival, Congress Theater, concerning his singing Cecilia Cheung Chi Chi in legend – My Nuong that old sign is shaped marks left Tieu Tuong River quite clearly in the Lim region village. Lim festival is festival of ancient villages around Mount Lim and double Tieu Tuong waterfront.

The Lim became the general cargo (assembly area) in the 18th century when proconsul of Thanh Hoa Nguyen Dinh Dien was born Dinh Ca, Noi Due, Kinh Bac, have made great contributions to the imperial court, was appointed prize many perks, gave himself many farms and funds for restoration Noi Due temples, festivals expand, preserve fine traditions. He also built the mausoleum of his mausoleum named Lim Hong Yun mountain. Due to the many merits with general cargo and logistics work he put in temple grace, so when he died people have worshiped Noi Due post-god, god worship. Epitaph mausoleum Hong Van Van has name compassionate sign dating Canh Hung 30 (1769) is kept in Dinh Ca family has said quite clear that background, the Bad and the worship of Nguyen Dinh Dien post each year two the opportunity to “Birthday” and “day” of his tomb at Hong Van and temples on Mount Grace Lim. May cover song history, Lim festival has many layers of culture, in which people only post-god worship ceremonies on that occasion on 13 January to coincide with Lim pagoda. Therefore there is opportunity Assembly Lim and general cargo
Part celebration

13/1 lunar day, the festival ,. At 8am, Lim festival was opened with the procession. The procession with numerous citizens participated in the ceremony for the ancient, colorful and extremely sophisticated, beautifully extended to all near km.

Mass processions

During the holidays, there are many rituals and to famous folk games, including sing to worship. The morning of January 13 all the members, village elders, the males of the village in Inner Due to gather sufficient in Hong Van tomb god international ceremony. While the world sing their ritual worship. To sing church, the men and women of their men of Noi Due lined front steering forward to sing. While singing, they just sing the style tone to praise the merits of god

There are many traditional games like fighting, wrestling, chess, first swing, performance, weaver, cook. Stylish all is part sing Assembly

As part fundamental and most characteristic of Assembly Lim. From invite betel sing, sing to the flute to call the river boat, the spider spin her. Singing contest took place around noon, held in form of their yacht sing. At a small lake next to the village fields Lim, dragon boats are red lacquer trimmed with gold leaves the station in the charming singing sentimental. A party boat is the sister immediately opposite the little ones sung in four-ao. The instant he stood or sat two boats toward the beginning and end. Evening on the 12th will be the festival of their singing competition between the villages of them. Each of their villages have been building a large yard of the camp at the hill Lim. This is the best opportunity of the Lim Festival Association.

The Lim festival’s major Beijing area, with ample activities and associations have been offering content and caliber folklore festival Beijing, almost meets the artistic and cultural activities and beliefs spirit of the festival on the countryside of Bac Ninh – the land is considered to be the realm of folk festivals Vietnam

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